Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to be featured on Wedding High. 

As you can see here things are changing… Wedding High is getting a new name and new topics of conversation ūüôā ¬†
Very shortly Wedding High will become¬†– A Style of Living and so, submission under Wedding High also means that in the coming months your article will be published on the A Style of Living brand. If this is all ‘a ok with you’ we invite you to submit your work for consideration.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to be featured on Wedding High {which will soon become} A Style of Living.

Who can submit?

In short anyone with a passion, idea, product or service that covers weddings, events, organisation, beauty, fashion, interiors, travel or food and drink.

We love publishing new and experienced photographers & suppliers equally and receiving submissions direct from individuals too!!

It costs nothing for guest articles, real weddings, events and stylized shoots to be published on Wedding High/ A Style of Life. In exchange we ask that anyone published display our swanky blog button on their blog or website.

In some cases there is a fee involved for advertisements, promotions, product reviews and articles written by our team on your behalf. These are clearly labelled as promotional to our readers.

Submissions can be emailed direct to us at or¬†¬†‚Äď before doing so please read our submission guidelines.

Our Submission Guidelines

In order to help promote your work, article or event and distinguish Wedding High/ A Style of Living in the ranks of the top lifestyle blogs, we do have some guidelines that must be met in order to be featured on Wedding High/ A Style of Living.

Also please take some time to explore the blog to be sure your submission fits with the overall theme, look, feel and voice of the blog. If your submission meets all of the criteria listed below we would be happy to review your submission.

We do try to get through submission as quickly as possible but during busy times  this can take up to 2 weeks. {We have day jobs as Wedding Planners, Event Planners and Professional Organisers too  } Please feel free to email us after 2 weeks are up if you have not hear anything.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive it is not always possible to give a specific reason as to why your article/ wedding/ event or shoot may not have been successful selected for publication. Even if you are not successful into in having a particular / wedding/ event or shoot published by us we do invite you to submit future work.

Please note: 

We prefer to have first exclusive rights to publishing and although at this moment we accept submissions which have been sent to other publications we do request for submissions to have been sent to fewer than three other publications.

And if you are not the Photographer of the images you provide or do not own the copy right to them please also provide permission from the Photographer for their use.

What to send… 

Your Real Wedding/ Event/ Stylised Shoot Submission should contain: 

  • Please send 60-150 images, at least 400px wide.
  • A description of the event.
  • A complete list of vendor credits, including URLs.

Your Guest Post should contain:

  • A related topic/ product or service covered by Wedding High/ A Style of Living.
  • Copy of 200-750 words.
  • 2-5 images that support your article, at least 400px wide.
  1. Please be sure that all grammatical and spelling errors are removed before submitting.
  2. Make sure your submission images are ordered in the best way to present the event, meaning please present them from start to finish.
  3. A list of where each image used is to be credited to.

What Categories or Topics do we publish content on ? 

As you’ll have seen above, Wedding High is changing, it was primarily a resource on all things wedding. As we move toward our rebrand of A Style of Living we’re now expanding the content we will cover and offer and so your submission can be on any of the following topics:¬†

  • Weddings¬†
  • Events¬†
  • Organisation¬†
  • Travel¬†
  • Interiors¬†
  • Health & Beauty¬†
  • Food & Drink¬†

Other Submission Requirements: 

  • For the ¬†images/ guest posts not to be published on any other blog/ site for 6 weeks after they have been featured on Wedding High/ A Style of Living.
  • We have the right to crop images as ¬†we see fit.
  • We have editorial control over the guest post.
  • That no watermarks appear on the images.

On Wedding High/ A Style of Living  we have six categories blog/ article can potentially fall into, these include:

  1. General Article
  2. Real Wedding/ Engagement Shoot/ Stylised Shoot/ Event
  3. Video/ You Tube
  4. 5 Minutes with…{Q&A Style Feature}
  5. Fun Photo Friday
  6. Competitions

Submissions can be emailed direct to us at or


Thanks again ! 


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