Professional Organsiation

We can help you change your home and life with our personally created life rejuvenating technique of organising. Our technique is simple and is based on the KonMari Method. It can easily be applied to just one area of your life although we strongly suggest that you use our life rejuvenating technique on all aspects of your life to get the full benefits.

The Style of Living life rejuvenating technique of organising focuses not on getting rids of things, although you may choose to get rid of some things, but on the things that you are going to keep and on a very fundamental and very important way to do that.

The Professional Organising Services we provide include:

The Assessment Consultation  

This is a 1.5 hours Consultation in which we meet you at your home, place of business or the location where you need the most help organising. This is necessary for anyone considering our services and the cost of The Assessment Consultation is redeemable against any further services you hire us for.

During the Assessment Consultation you talk us through the challenges you are facing, showing us the spaces and what you want to achieve as a result of organising this area or aspect of your life.

Following the consultation we will prepare for you your own personal life rejuvenating plan for this aspect or area of your life. This will be a step by step guide on how you can declutter and reorganise this area or aspect of your life yourself.

We will also provide you with a quotation for those who would prefer or benefit from our professional help in carry out their life rejuvenating plan.

Your investment in the Assessment Consultation is   €65.00*

{Which is redeemable off other services purchased within 3 calendar months}

* Depending on location travel costs may apply.

Become Professionally Organised

If you’ve recently gone through a decluttering of your home or business or completed the first aspect of your personal life rejuvenating plan with us and want or need help with the actual organisation, that is no problem. We can help here too.

Depending on your situation and preference we can get you organised by working with you in your home, showing you our tried and tested techniques and actually physically helping you with the organisation. Or perhaps you’ve had enough after decluttering your home and just want to leave in the morning and come back to a beautifully organised room/ rooms or home, we also offer this service too.

Your Investment:

Hourly                    €75.00

Half Day                €249.00

Daily                       €399.00

Per Project            On request

* Depending on location travel costs may apply.

For more information on any of these services, or to discuss a specific project get in touch with us today on 01 254 9350 or via