How to make a Floral Wedding Crown like the Experts!

A few weeks ago both Bláithín and I were contacted by Laura Sephton from Interflora. She wanted some inspiration for specific floral pieces related to wedding fashion. The inspiration boards would then be presented to a florist to see what she could create based on our ideas.  So here is a step by step tutorial into making themy  piece of choice: A Summer Floral Crown.

Inspiration boards are one of my favourite things to sit back and design – in fact it doesn’t even feel like work to me! As it was the height of Summer when I took to work; vibrant and bright colours were the palette I wanted to work with. I was also fond of the style of crown where the main collection of flowers falls to one side of the head. Here is the board I created for Interflora!

Interflora Mood Board

Here is the step by step tutorial for creating a floral headpiece inspired by the above board.





– 1 x Phalaenopsis orchid stem

– 1 x bunch of red and pink hypericum berries

– 1 x orange Sweet William stem

– 1 x yellow gladioli stem

– 2 x yellow spray roses

– 1 x orange kalanchoe

– 1 x orange mini gerbera

– 2 x bunches of achillea

– 2 x bunches of retzia capensis

– Ivy leaves

– Lavender sprigs

– Florist wire

– Florist tape

– Scissors

– Knife

Step 1

Step 1

To make the base of your crown, tape two pre-cut lengths of florist wire together with florist tape. Cover the wire by wrapping a length of florist tape around it. TOP TIP: To get the perfect fit, measure around your head with a length of yarn and cut your florist wire to size.







Step 2

Step 2Bend the wire into a circle, and twist the ends together to secure. For extra strength, wrap a small piece of florists tape around the join.









Step 3

Step 3All of the flower heads (with the exception of the gladioli) will be mounted onto florists wire. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the stems of the flowers to approximately 2 inches long. To mount the flowers onto florist wire, fold a length of wire in half and hold against the flowers’ stem. Wrap one end of the wire around the stem to secure. TOP TIP: Wrap a length of florist tape around the stem and wire to create a cleaner finish.







Step 4

Mount 3 glaStep 4dioli heads separately onto wire by inserting a length of florist wire through the bottom of each head and folding the wire in half. Carefully slice down one edge of each of the gladioli heads to gently open out the flowers. Remove the stamens from the centre of the flower heads. Place each gladioli head on top of one another to form a layered bloom.





Step 5

Step 5To secure the heads together, fold a length of florist wire in half and hold against the flowers’ stem. Wrap one end of the wire around the stem to secure, in the same way as wiring the other flower heads. Wrap a length of florist tape around the base of the gladioli bloom to create a cleaner finish.





Step 6Step 6b

All floStep 6awer heads and foliage should now be mounted on florist wire.








Step 7

Step 7Begin to attach the flowers to the crown by wrapping a long length of florist tape around each stem and the crown. TOP TIP: Start the crown with layers of foliage to create a green base for the brighter flower heads.








Step 8

Step 8Continue to arrange and attach the wired flowers to the crown, making sure to alternate the colours and different types of flowers as you work along the length. TOP TIP: Trim any excess wires and stems as you work around the crown to keep it neat and comfortable to wear!




Step 9

Step 9Once one third of the crown has been filled with flowers, wrap a length of ivy leaves around the rest of the wire base. The design of this crown is based on the main collection of flowers to fall at one side of the hairline.






Step 10

Step 10Using a pair of sharp scissors, trim any stray ivy leaves for a uniform finish.









The Finished Product!

Final crown N70A2205 2C1A2425


Concept: Keely Beth Gledhill at Wedding High

Flowers: Kate Ward for Interflora

Photography: Cinzia Bruschini

Hair and Make Up: Elizabeth Clare

Venue: Withamside House



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  2. by Jake P. on September 13, 2015  2:45 pm Reply

    Floral crowns, though they conjure visions of Renaissance maidens with hollyhocks and laurel in their hair or 1960s flower children weaving daisy chains, are having a decidedly new moment. I think wearing floral crowns is the best idea in wedding. Thanks.

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