Super easy & fabulous ways to use tea-lights at your wedding!

You guys know we’re a {little} obsessed with DIT {formally DIY} and Pinterest, right? Well this morning I was just having a quick {2-6 hour} look on Pinterest {joke;sort of!} and found some really cool things to do with tea-lights that will be super easy and fabulous to use at your wedding! 

Whisk Candle Holder

I’ve a new appreciation for the whisk in my kitchen drawers this morning! I think is adorable, ingenious and such a great look! 



Wasbi Tape Tea Lights 

I’ve had a love affair with wasbi tape for years. Which was difficult because its only recently available in Ireland and importing was always costly. Now that its widely available you have absolutely no excuse not to re-create this adorable & colourful wasbi tape tea lights. 



Rustic Laddle Tea Lights 

Yes, we’re back in the kitchen again, but who knew there were so many cool things to do with tea-lights and kitchen utensils! Not only are these perfect for vintage or rustic style weddings they would also make great gifts at the end of the night too!! 



Which do you love the most? Have you come across any great DIT Tea light projects or ideas, be sure to share them with us! 

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