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Are you and your girlfriends really into having a laugh, expressing yourself and showing off your talents (whether you have them or not!). Well, The Sing Factory offer hen parties a totally unique idea for your fun activity. Bláithín and I took a trip into the studio on Merrion Square in Dublin a few weeks ago and met with Simon who gave us the low down on how the hen parties roll!


I have never been into a recording studio before so this was a new experience for me. We sat amongst numerous buttons, controls and screens and had a tour of where the actual recording event happens. Simon talked us through what happens when the hens come into the studio. Sing Factory provide the hens with four bottles of Prosecco and some sweet treats and you are welcome to bring your own drink in too. You will also be provided with some props to enhance your performance! Your group will get split into two groups (max 10 people per group) as the studio isn’t big enough to accommodate you all singing to your hearts content. The bride will stay for both sittings. Sing Factory work with McGrattans Pub (only 500m away!) so group 2 can go over for a drink or two and then come back for their shot at some singing!

sing 5

In the recording room there are microphones, earphones (in which you shall hear yourself!) and a screen with the lyrics of a song you will have picked previous to arriving in that day. You can take pictures, have a laugh and sip away at your drinks to boost the confidence. Over 90 minutes (45 minutes per group) you will have the opportunity to reveal your hidden talents with a sound engineer working at making you the next Beyoncé. Once the song has been recorded and videoed you are invited back to McGrattans Pub for the big showcase and some cocktails! The whole process takes around 2 to 2 and a half hours. Sing Factory have numerous connections with a lot of the bars and clubs in Dublin so it is worth enquiring where you can go at a discounted rate later on or make free use of a VIP area in a top Dublin club. Every hen will then get their own CD to take home. Definitely a memory made!


Bláithín and I were quite impressed by the whole setup of Sing Factory and their collaboration with McGrattans Pub. Accompanied by a half day spa somewhere in the city or a chic afternoon tea you have the perfect hen day filled with lots of girly fun. This is definitely an activity that would suit most. There is no strenuous activity (bar that of  your vocal chords!) and you get to drink Prosecco at the same time! It is very reasonably priced too at 30 Euro per head.


Sing Factory is also open to birthday parties for both adults and children. Or if you would just like to record a song for a loved one or  for a special occasion this is the place to go!


More information about Sing Factory can be found on their website

Thanks to Sing Factory for all the great images from a recent hen party.


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