Planning a Wedding? 4 Tips on Dressing Children That Will Be Involved in the Ceremonies

When you’re planning your wedding you want everything to be perfect. From the cake to the caterer, the flowers to the fashion, you need every aspect to be flawless. When it comes to children though, finding just the right clothing for them to wear on your special day can take a little planning. Here are four tips to get you started!



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Be Practical

That all lace dress or silk vest may look exquisite but one spilled punch later and their picture perfect look is ruined. When it comes to selecting their outfits, be sure to choose materials that are practical for children. Look for things that can wipe off easily, won’t wrinkle as soon as the child sits down, and don’t require special care and handling to keep your special participants cute and sweet all day!


Think Comfort

While you may be trying to find outfits in just the right shade of pink, all the kids will notice is how that special outfit feels. Nothing creates a fit faster than itchy, uncomfortable, irritating clothing. Help your kids stay comfy throughout your day by looking for clothing that is made from kid-friendly materials. It’s also important to consider the venue and weather expected for your special day. Forcing children to wear long sleeves on a hot summer afternoon or expecting them to go sleeveless when it’s chilly out is sure to cause discomfort and tears. So whether you’re considering a style similar to a tutu fairy dress or just a plain old white shirt and tie, the comfort level and venue will be factors in what you decide to do as far as attire goes.


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Think Beyond Your Wedding

Parents may love the opportunity to have their children participate in your special day but they’ll love it even more if the outfits you choose are something their kids can wear again after your wedding. Flower dresses for little girls can be cute, frilly, and sweet but still wearable on Easter Sunday. For boys, try to select vests, bow-ties, and suits that can be worn again to church or other important occasions.

Consider Price

Unlike adults who often find it worthwhile to invest in expensive clothing that will last, kids grow too quickly to make big dollar clothing purchases worth it. Shop around to find the outfits you love at a price that is reasonable for the parents who are buying them and for the age of the children involved. It’s hard to buy an expensive dress or suit when you know your child will only be able to wear it for a few months before it’s forever too small.



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By following the tips above, you’ll be on your way to creating a perfect and practical wedding wardrobe for the kids involved in your special day!


This is a guest blog post from Chaleigh Glass

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