‘Pink is my favourite colour after Black’ – Yves Saint Lauren

This summer sees the launch of the new and exclusive make-up collection from Yves Saint Laurent, which takes a selection of their best-selling, award-winning beauty products, and adds a touch of something magical – rose gold particles, to give your face a sexy, rosy flush! Sounds good to me! There is nothing nicer than a rosy glow in a bride on her wedding day so as wedding experts we took it upon ourselves to try some of the products out. If you are impressed by what you read the product is launching in the next week, exclusively to Boots!


We all know of the Touch Éclat, in its sleek golden case is a true contemporary make-up icon and a makeup bag must have. The magical formula present in this fabulous prodcut adds a hi-tech radiance to your face, and has long been heralded as a beauty lover’s favourite. The golden pen, and its foundation counterpart Le Teint Touche Eclat, add a fabulous halo-effect of light to the skin, achieving flawless perfection and radiance. Now the pioneers of cosmetic innovation, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces a new pen to the makeup world by adding the “afterglow” flush of rosy golden pink to some of their best products.


Pink a Symbol of True Beauty

There is something innately joyous about the colour pink. It boasts femininity and represents playfulness and seductive charm. Pink underpins the rhapsody of romance, a song sung to a lover, a delicate bouquet of roses enveloped in the rich embrace of happiness and love. It is also a colour which Mr. Saint Laurent himself, held very dear to his heart. In its fuchsia guise, pink found its way onto the resplendent fabrics of his haute couture gowns; a wonderfully outsized satin bow, the seam snaking up a skirt’s hem, the silk upper of a brocade gown. Pink, to Mr. Saint Laurent, indicated the enchantment of love and laughter, the expression of happiness itself. I could not agree more!


“Pink is the great new trend in beauty. The colour of femininity, the colour of both a shy blush and passionate exuberance – pink is fresh, youthful, and joyous. It brings cheer and radiance to every complexion.”


Lloyd Simmonds


Introducing to the world ‘The Rose Glow Collection’.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté reveals with this collection that a touch of rosy pink is the secret to a flattering, youthful glow, capable of quietening underlying yellow tones in the skin for a unified complexion that breathes with health and life.

touch eclat

The Star Product: Rose Gold Highlighter

For the very first time, the iconic totem Touche Éclatis re imagined in a surge of blush-pink shimmering light. The slim-line pen is redesigned in sparkling metallic rose. The classic brush and that famous “click” remain, but the liquid is infused with luminous shades of rose-gold. Very exciting for me when I first applied it. It was strikingly flattering and adaptable to a lot of aspects of your makeup. The Rose Gold Highlighter instantly adds a swipe of rosy radiance to the upper area of the cheekbones, the top of the cheekbones, right up to the temples and the outer corner and underside of the brow bone. Priced at €35.00.


Rose Gold Primer              

With the lightness of a lover’s kiss, combined with sparkling rose-gold pigments, Rose Gold Primer offers a new level of complexion-enhancement. A cocooning, silky texture. I found that the Rose Gold Primer could be used in a few different ways. I tried the product underneath foundation to awaken the complexion with a natural rosy glow. Then I thought to blend it with my foundation to add that extra glow. I also thought about after foundation, as a highlighter to add touches of rose-tinted radiance. It worked perfectly in all three cases giving me the look that I wanted to achieve each time. Priced at €40.00

face powder

Rose Gold Face Powder

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces Rose Gold Face Powder which is an air-light dusting of rose-twined powder infused with tiny golden particles. Finely milled particles help finesse and fix foundation thereby maintaining the wear of your make-up, which is always a great additional function but also imbues a true semblance of rose-tinged radiance with long-lasting comfort. It is presented very nicely in a covetable pot topped off with a golden lid. Priced at €44.50.


Rose Gold Blusher

Giving the skin a flush of passion, Rose Gold Blusher provides a burst of cerise on the apples of the cheeks to mimic the natural blush of the first throes of love. Within the gold-fronted palette sits a symmetrical grid of finely-milled cerise pink, surrounding a sparkling, silver-pink heart – sculpting and highlighting the curves of the face. I found this blusher quite unique in its finish giving that romantic rosy look similar to when one first falls in love. Priced at €40.00.

blush brush

Rose Gold Blush Brush

A perfect adornment for your dressing table or make-up bag, this new face brush with which to dust Rose Gold Blusher or indeed Rose Gold Face Powder onto the skin is designed especially to facilitate the gentle application of powder pigments without transporting too much or compromising on comfort. It is delicate, gentle and soft to the touch. The cerise-dipped brush becomes a magic wand in which you are the master. Priced at €40.00.

Try it out for yourself ladies! I have to say I was really impressed as I am quite fond of pink! Yves Saint Lauren create fantastic products that ooze quality and aid the natural beauty that is in us all.

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