What you need to fix your dry & damaged hair.

Do you ever look at a magazine or even a movie and think, why can’t I have hair like that? It looks soft, luscious, shiny {and you’re pretty darn sure it smells amazing too}.  

Lets forget the fact that models and actresses have teams of hair care  professionals looking after and styling their locks for a second and take a few steps back. {Cause lets face it, a good hair care team can make anyone’s hair look amazing with some talent, time and product!} Lets look at what we’re doing to our hair and see how we can fix and change that. 

A modern gal puts her hair through a lot. I know this one has. Mine has been so abused over the years I can no long colour it myself { no I haven’t lost the ability to do so, my hair has lost the ability to take {over the counter} colours and so I must go the professionals. Which I’m learning is not a bad thing.} I also regularly abuse my hair with a GHD, the sun, the wind, the rain and occasionally some angry brushing. Sound familiar to you? 

So if your hair is UBER damaged what can you do? 

Of course look at your diet, nutrients and vitamins and water in take… that goes without saying, but if you are looking for a {quick} fix? What if you have a hot date, big interview or life altering moment, or just need a pick me up? Then I absolutely recommend the Absolut Repair Lipidium Range by L’Oreal Professionnel. {And if none of these moments apply to your life I still thing you should use it!}We recently got sent the shampoo, conditioner, masque and sealing repair and after just one use I was impressed!





I’ve said before how I have unruly hair; its curly, straight, frizzy with wisps all at one time and never decides what its doing. And while my hair is in good condition { I visit the hairdressers for the full works every 6-8 weeks religiously} I saw a difference in my hair in terms of softness, shine, more defined curl {when dried naturally} after just one use! {And continue to do so} And the smell, well lads {for me} this is nearly the best bit!!

I love a good scented shampoo { I’m one of those people in the cosmetic aisle of Boots or Tescos that opens the shampoo bottles and sniffs them, its a problem, I know.} and so as soon as these arrived I sniffed them, they are ok {in the bottle} but once on dry hair… wow… even my man is drinking in the smell when we snuggle. And the best bit, it lasts {the smell that is}, up to 3 days! {I’m lucky {not dirty} I don’t have to wash my hair every day 🙂 } 

So  why are they so good… well that has to do with the science and the ingredients but here is what the marketing bumf says: 

Like skin, hair is made of different layers that can suffer from lipid-deficiency, according to  its own life experience. Lipids include ingredients more commonly associated with skincare which assist replenishment in all hair zones to create an insulating barrier that locks in essential nutrients whilst coating hair against mechanical, environmental and natural damage. 

What I loved: The Absolute Repair Lipidum Sealing Repair can be used on damp hair before blow-drying and for extremely damaged hair before and after blow-drying for ultimate finishing! 

What I wasn’t so sure about: I wasn’t a huge fan of the consistency of the Absolute Repair Lipidium Masque. Its got the consistency of a body butter, which just felt a little odd to me {for a hair masque}. Although with lipids being more commonly found in skincare this isn’t so surprising! {LOVED its results, just not the feel in my hands}. 

So how much do they cost? 

  • Absolute Repair Lipidium Sealing Repair is €17.80 for 30ml
  • Absolute Repair Lipidium Shampoo is €12.05 for 250ml 
  • Absolute Repair Lipidium Conditioner is €13.60 for 150ml 
  • Absolute Repair Lipidium Masque is €16.80 for 200ml 

If you could only afford one which one would I say you should buy… hmmm a little tough for me, its a toss up between the Sealing Repair and the Masque but if push came to shove I think I would say go for the Masque, more bang for your buck 🙂 


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