How to match your hairstyle to your wedding dress

When it comes to your wedding, you clearly want everything to be perfect. From the band you choose to play tunes throughout the entire night to the type of delicious cake you pick out to feed your guests, each decision you make will only add to the night. However, one of the most important choices you can make is to match your hairstyle to your wedding dress.


Up-Do With Your Classic Gown

As we all know by now, classic wedding gowns are simple, consisting of clean lines and barely any kind of embellishment or embroidery. Typically, the necklines are directed towards the collarbone, leaving a bit of skin to be shown ala a portrait neckline. If you select this kind of dress for your wedding day, you should wear your hair up and away from the face. This can be either in the form of a bun or french twist. Remember, if you feel that is a little too simple for your big day, you can always add a hair accessory to it such as a headband or clip. This type of hair will give you that polished look that perfectly matches the classic gown.

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Loose Waves With Your Bohemian Gown

Then, there is the bohemian look, which showcases dainty details and soft lines. A lot of times the bohemian dress ends up having spaghetti straps that lead to an empire waist. This gives the bride a slim fitting silhouette. As far as the neckline goes, that tends to be a v-neck. That is why for this dress, you should wear your hair very loose, with some light waves going through it. Of course, imperfect hair works here, since the bohemian gown is so casual. You can opt for long curls that look relaxed. With your hair flowing, this will compliment the bohemian dress to a tee.



Soft Curls With Your Romantic Dress

There is also the romantic dress style, that features lace accents, sweetheart necklines and soft, flowing fabrics. Since the dress will already be an attention grabber, you do not want to employ a hairstyle that will take away from the dress. You should instead pick a hairstyle where you’ll have soft curls that fall above your neckline, so that the bust line and collarbones are properly shown off. This way your whole look will really come off as effortless, while still looking flawless.

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Lots of Volume With Your Modern Gown

The type of hairstyle that accompanies the modern gown is really up to you. With this type of dress, you’re given plenty of room to play around with how you wear your hair. That’s because modern gowns showcase unique embellishments, a lot of detail, asymmetrical lines and strong necklines. However,sleek wavy styles tend to look best here, as well as hairstyles that feature a lot of height. That is why when it comes to modern gowns, many women put weaves or extensions made out of virgin malaysian hair into their natural hair. This way their hairstyle can give off that voluminous look.

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If you really want your wedding to be everything you ever dreamed it to be, it is crucial to have your wedding gown and hairstyle compliment one another. This way your look will come across as refined and well put together. With your outfit and hair matching, you’re only setting yourself up for an amazing day to remember.

This is a guest blogpost from Savannah Coulson.

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