L’Oréal Professionel – Beautiful texture with new Techni Art Beach Waves Spray.

Do you long for natural looking tousled beach hair for your wedding day? This is an option for bride and bridesmaids and once you have the waves in your hair you can play with any hairstyle that you would like. L’Oréal one of the world’s biggest beauty brands has launched two new ways for you to achieve this look!

Loreal beach waves 2


The Salon Option

 For a longer lasting beachwave finish L’Oréal Professionel have launched an in salon service that will give immediate texture and movement in the form of soft, tousled, full bodied beach waves that last up to 8 weeks.


Beach Waves is a new generation texture service, leaving you with a cool, effortless new look that works in five quick and easy steps. Hair is first cleansed, towel- dried, conditioning agents Pro Keratin Powerdose and Persifon Advance are applied to protect the hair fibres. Hair is then sectioned before rolling up into the NEW B Wavers, a flexible gentle tool that will create tailored waves.

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The stylist will then apply the waving lotion to allow to develop on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Hair is then rinsed and a setting lotion is applied so that the hair memorizes the wave, after a scalp massage and a final rinse, the stylist dries the hair and finishes the overall look.


The Home Kit

Following on from the launch of the L’Oréal Professionel Wild Stylers range, a collection designed to add texture without weighing the hair down, the regular brand backstage at London Fashion Week has released a must have hair product for Summer, techni.ART Beach Waves. This is a product that you can use at home rather than having your hair done in the salon.


In this beautiful campaign image L’Oréal Professionel International spokesperson Kirsten Dunst wears the beach waves look.

beach waves 4



Beach Waves is priced at €17.84 for the 150ml bottle and comes with the comb to aid the look. It is a Texturising spray to create a sexy, beachy look. You spray all over wet or dry hair to achieve natural surf waves with a matt finish. A top pro secret is to define sections of your hair with your fingers for texturised volume.


What did I think of it?

 It is my dream to have naturally tousled beach hair for the entire Summer so I was keen to try this product when it was sent to us. I applied the product to wet hair as I have a kink in my hair as it is and if I had let it dry naturally we would have been in Frizz City.


I followed the guidelines of splitting your hair into sections with the comb that was provided with the pack spraying each section accordingly and twisting the strands of hair slightly. You then need to let your hair air dry, so to do this properly you need a little time on your hands.


My overall thoughts? I liked the product and I found it was easy to use. I didn’t achieve exactly what I wanted the first time around but as with most things you get better with practice and my second shot was definitely that bit better. I would give it a 4 out of 5 but I do think that you would need some sort of natural bounce in your hair for it to work to its best ability.

beach waves 3



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