Kerastase Laque Noire {Hairspray} & The Wilds of West Mayo!

I have unruly hair.

I’m not one of these people who can wake up, run a brush through my hair and be out the door. My hair decides at sporadic moments throughout the day what it wants to do {in that moment}.

When washed, unless I use product and an intense session with a GHD {hair straightener} I would end up with half curled, half frizz, half straight hair at odd angles to my head {oh, with wisps!}. Delightful, right?!

Its a ‘mare when I’m away from home, or my schedule changes, or I don’t have access to my usual product { or the time to use it }. And because its Summer, and I’m a super busy Wedding Planner {well, I like to think I am} and I try to look my best,I’m always on the look out for great hairsprays that will keep my hair in check { with extra, intense, you are not moving without written permission/ a passport  type hold } and that have a great smell too!

Because I need a spray that keeps my curls, straights, wisps and angles in check, I often end up using a rigid {hair definitely can’t move/ helmet type} spray… which, well aren’t that nice , particularly if you touch your hair, wear sun glasses on your head or just want to move your fingers through your hair.

Then a few weeks ago I got sent Kerastas Laque Noire and my hair {world} changed. The bottle says extra strong hold hairspray with 48hr anti-humidity super shield technology; I tested this baby to the limits and it does exactly what it says on the tin! I took this little bottle of {I finally don’t look like Something about Mary after being out the in the wind} on tour with me to the wilds of West Mayo and it came out fighting fit!

My favourite spot in Mayo is a little headland area called Black Sod Bay… its gorgeous, remote, fantastic views, but with wild wild winds! I love to picnic here or just walk on the beach. I go as often as I’m in Mayo {visiting the outlaws} and while on a nice Summer’s day its more beautiful than any Mediterranean beach, more often than not { it being Wild West Mayo} the wild wind is whirling and sand in your sandwiches  is not the only thing to worry about. On our recent visit, armed {read: sprayed} with Kerastase Laque Noire I head out for some quality time with my man on this beach. It’s summer in Mayo,  but the wind is wiping up a fuss and of course there is even a little mist. I’m thinking, as soon as I get back to the car Ill have frizz upon curls and probably look a little like this {or at least my hair will}: 




Surprise, surprise, I get back to the car, check out my locks and they are super normal, respectfully so! No frizz, no curls, no wisps… sure a few strands out of place but I don’t need to do a thing! In fact beside run a comb back through my hair and have another spritz of the wonder hairspray I headed straight out of for dinner {hair} ‘as is’ that evening! 

So what are the deets on this little bottle of {a} miracle worker I hear you ask? 

The advertised results say: A controlled, invisible hold that truly lasts. Dries quickly for instant hold, product can be brushed out and reworked for endless style changes and ideal for finishing high impact looks.   

My results say: This is a product you can trust and take into any sort of {hair} battle with you. It does exactly what it says on the tin and exactly as advertised!


RRP: €23

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