6 Things a groom should never forget the morning of his wedding!

There are few times in a man’s life that is more nerve wracking or anxious inducing than the morning before their wedding.   As sure as night follows day, thoughts of the day ahead, nerves of thoughts of the bride not turning up or something going horribly wrong tend to overtake thoughts of the basic things.  So here are the top 6 items that a groom should never forget on the morning of his wedding.


Married couple, portrait (focus on groom with worried expression)


  1. Clean Nails:  Groom’s often forget the basics and nothing is more basic than forgetting to cut or cleaning nails.   The groom’s hands will never be photographed more than on a wedding day.
  2. Hair Gel:  If you are lucky to have all your hair unlike my balding hairline, keeping your hair in order will require some form of hair gel.  So whether you prefer hard wax or the wet look, bringing your favorite hair item is important.
  3. Breath Mints:  Wedding days tend to be long days.  Forgetting to brush your teeth on the morning of your wedding can be quite common as you can get caught up with putting on your suit, tying your tie or making sure everyone else is ready can put more trivial matters to bed.   A handy box of mints will ensure your breath is fresh all day.
  4. Speech:  Most grooms have their speech for the big day written on cards or a page.   Forgetting this, can be very embarrassing for some grooms when they are standing in front of their family and friends and do not know what to say.
  5. Polished shoes:  Once a groom has put on his suit and is ready to go, there is a sudden realisation that the shoes need to be buffed or polished.   It is easier and safer do this particular activity before you put on your suit but if you are a time when this is impossible or no one is available to help, place down some papers on the floor and polish away from your body.
  6. Rings for the best man: One of the most important aspects for the best man, is holding the rings.   Forgetting them and it could be no wedding day.
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