Five Amazing Wedding Proposal Stories!

We’ve spoken before how Blaithin is writing another book: 101 Ways to Propose, so we’re delving into all sorts of proposal ideas here in the office, we’re in the midst of  thralling through ideas and suggestions from all over the world when Susan Hall pings us with these 5 great {actual} proposals! 

These guys put a lot of thought and effort into popping {possibly} the most important question  ever! If you are looking for some great inspiration  or different ideas, check them out!! 



Thrilling Proposal

Mateo Martinz did something beyond rose petals and romantic candle light dinner to propose to his girlfriend. He proposed to her at a height of 20,000 feet. He did this just before he and his girlfriend were about to jump from the plane. The thrill of adventure and feeling of love, both together is the best a person can do. What an amazing feeling they both must have felt at the time.  

Shaking Proposal

Matthew Gencarella showed his creative thinking while proposing to his girlfriend. They both were wake-boarding when Matthew bent down on one knee and proposed his love to Brynn Hathaway. The girl was over whelmed and accepted the proposal and then both of them jumped into the water to enjoy the moment. Really, what an amazing way of proposing. 

Zero- Gravity Proposal

Alexander Loucopoulous, a banker in private equity, proposed to Graciela Asturias, an architect by profession, at zero gravity. They boarded a Zero gravity flight of 90 min. And in the flight he said “Will u marry me?” and the ring floated in front of her. How romantic is that! 

Movie Trailer Proposal

Imagine sitting in a theatre to watch a movie with your beau, the trailers roll; but they’re not all the latest block busters, a trailer staring your love story is playing right in front of your eyes. That is how Jake proposed to his girlfriend Kristin. Hiring actors to play them in a ‘this is our story’ movie trailer from their first meeting till that amazing day when he proposed to her {live} in a movie theatre! Kudos for the planning and attention to detail for this one Jake!  

Prank to Proposal

Ryan Thompson, a commercial pilot in Chicago, proposed to his girlfriend moments after pulling a threatening prank on her {and she still said yes!}. He took her on a plane ride above the Chicago skyline a shortly while  into the journey he suddenly turned to her a said that there was a major technical problem with them plane and she should read the safety manual instructions. Panic stricken she opened the manual he handed her. Blinded by fear {and a little confusion} the instruction manual didn’t least on what to do in case of a technical fault with your airplane but on how to chose a gorgeous engagement ring, what to look for in a future mate {and hopefully how to forgive them after they scare the crap out of you! 🙂 } She has no idea about what was written, she just kept reading. Meanwhile the plane landed and in no time Ryan produced a ring and asked her to marry him. She just stood still speechless {and eventually said yes!}.

We hope these stories inspire you to be creative and think outside the {engagement ring} box when popping the question. Make the moment memorable and significant! And if you are search of an excellent venue or site to pop that all important question  wedding venues in Long Island are a great place to consider! 

This article is contributed by Suzan Hall. She is a professional blogger and writer and possesses a very good knowledge about wedding venues in long island, NY. Her expertise include event planning and design, decorations, celebration ideas, party planning, catering, cuisine, etc.


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