8 Different Styles To Wear To Weddings for Guests

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, one of the first things you’re probably wondering is what to wear. While you probably know that wearing white is out of the question (unless the bride specifically requests it), these additional tips will help you look your best as you celebrate this very special occasion with friends and loved ones. 



Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail dress is appropriate to wear to a wedding if the ceremony takes place in the early evening hours and isn’t too formal. Black dresses are always a safe choice. However, you can make your outfit especially interesting by adding a large, chunky necklace or metallic-coloured scarf to the dress. Your attire should come to at least your knees. A strapless dress or dress without sleeves is acceptable. You may want to bring a shawl if the nuptials or reception will occur outdoors.


If the wedding is casual and takes place in the spring or summer, sundresses are a fashionable choice. A dress in a pastel color is especially dashing, and you can pair the dress with heeled sandals for a laid-back put polished look. Sundresses have a romantic feel, whether they fall just past the knees or to your ankles. Wearing your hair in a top knot or braided up-do with simple jewelry can complete the look nicely. 


Dressy jumpers work well for a particularly stylish or modern wedding, regardless of the time of day. Jumpers can be shorts or pants, so it’s best to verify the wedding’s level of formality before making your wardrobe choice. You can play is safe by wearing a black jumper and gold or silver accessories. Or, make a bold style statement with a fresh springtime color like Kelly green or cherry red. Metallic pointed heels and accessories go great with colored jumpers as well. 

Evening Gowns

If the wedding you’ve been invited to is formal, you’ll need to pick out a stunning evening gown to wear. A backless, strapless gown can be both fitting and beautiful; one that falls to your ankles is best. If the bride is fine with your wearing a color that is similar to white, such as cream or beige, you can easily pair this will gold or bronze accessories to give your skin a bright glow. This will make your outfit stand out without upstaging the bride. If the wedding is in the fall or winter, jewel tones like ruby and emerald are especially flattering for an evening gown. 

Trousers and a Blazer 

If the wedding takes place during brunch hours, a tailored pair of trousers and a fitted blazer from axelsltd.com may be just the thing to wear. Pants that are studded with jewels make the outfit a little more formal, and a pair of pointed-toe heels adds an element of sophistication. 




Church Attire 

Weddings that are held in church are still pretty common. In these situations, you’d wear clothing that you’d normally wear to a church service. A skirt and blazer suit with medium-height heels or a formal pants suit would be completely appropriate. You can add flair to your outfit with a large brooch or a pill hat. 

Flared Skirts 

A flared skirt with a silk blouse or formal blazer is appropriate for a wedding that is held outdoors in the afternoon or in a place of worship. These skirts can be knee-length or fall in the middle of the calves. A sleeveless formal top in a metallic shade looks great with black or brown flared skirts. Wedge heels that are particularly fancy or skinny heels that are at least three inches high will help to complete the look. 

Bold Prints 

Finally, go with a bold print if you know that others at the wedding will be dressed in a trendy way. Large floral prints are great for dresses or pants suits when you’re attending a morning or afternoon wedding. Stripes or small polka dots may be a stylish option for a wedding that takes place in the evening when you want to wear a pencil skirt or flared slacks. 



This is a guest post from Erika Remington.


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