The 20 Most Expensive Weddings

We all know that weddings {can} mean big money. An average couple will spend about €/$20,000 – €/$25,000 on their big day. { Some of course will spend way less and some way more.}

So how much, is too much? 

That’s all relative of course and totally dependent on what a couple want or can spend. Even those with a million bucks have a budget, yes, the budget its a million buck, but even they will have tough decisions to make too! 

If you had an endless amount of money, or at the very least 5-6 times what your current wedding budget is, what would you do differently? { Or would you do anything at all?} 

The lovely people at Cater Hire Ireland sent us over this infographic on the 20 Most Expensive Weddings… check it out. 



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