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There are a few pointers that must be known regarding wedding invitation etiquette. It is important that you know what is right and what is wrong when designing, writing and including information. Here are some top tips that I have pulled together to give you a head start!


When to send the invites

Invitations should be sent out to your guests 6 to 8 weeks minimum before your wedding day. It is important to note that international addresses will take that bit longer and so should be sent beforehand. If you are having a destination wedding, send your invites 3 to 4 months beforehand to allow people make travel and accommodation arrangements. The great thing about ‘Save the date’ cards is that most of your guests will know when you are getting married they just won’t know all the information that they may need.

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You should include on your invitations when you need your guests to respond by. Ideally you would like all your responses to be in 3 weeks before the wedding. This allows you to finalise with the venue and make your seating chart far enough in advance. Don’t hestitate to call the guest if you have not received some form of response from them 3 weeks before the wedding. You can give a phone, email and RSVP card option to make things easier. If you are having RSVP cards they need to be returned to the home of whoever is hosting the wedding (Parents or couple).


The Info Card

This great little insert is the ideal place for placing all the relevant information for your guests that cannot be placed on the invite itself. Include here directions, accommodation options, wedding website details, transport options, dress code. If you would like no children at your wedding, this is the place to make that point politely and also suggest babysitting options if you feel the need to.

The Gift Registry

It is still considered impolite to include details of your wedding list or ask for money as a gift on your invitation. A wedding website is the best place to include this information and emphasise word of mouth to your close family members and friends who will get the message across.

A lot of people do include information about their desires for wedding gifts on their invites. You know your guests best, if they won’t be offended by this make your own judgement call.

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Colours and Design

Your wedding invitation depicts how your wedding day maybe. A classy invitation indicates a more formal affair like a stately home or castle whereas a fun relaxed invite indicates a garden or barn wedding for example. These are not concrete rules however! When it comes to colour it is tradition for you to include some sort of indication what colour the bridesmaids may be wearing be it detailing or a ribbon. This helps so that your lady guests avoid wearing that particular colour!

The Plus 1

There is no rule of thumb here BUT do not feel obliged to invite people you do not know!! It is not necessary and it is not expected. Unless you have met the other half of your friend you do not have to invite them. It may differ slightly with family members and then you can decide with your other half and parents what the best option may be. Weddings cost a fortune and this day is about you as a couple and the people you are closest to. No one wants a room half full of strangers!


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What to Include and how to word

When writing your invitations and envelops use the correct social and professional titles e.g. Dr or Mrs, Mr, Miss etc. The wording of the invitation depends on who is hosting (paying) for the wedding itself. It is possible to include both sets of parents names on the invite. More information on invitation wording and the way to do it can be found here.

When you are sending your invitations you should send the following information depending what is applicable to your wedding and that particular guest:

– Details of ceremony location and time

– Details of reception ceremony and time

– Details of evening reception and time

– RSVP card or phone/email option

– Info card

Don’t get bogged down by invitations and the do’s and dont’s!! Make the most out of your wedding stationary, get creative and sassy and grab some of your bridal party and have some fun writing the invites for the guests for your big day!


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