Gifting the Perfect Wedding Present: 7 Underestimated Components

The perfect wedding gift is a great way to express your love for the happy couple, but finding that perfect gift can be a challenge.

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1. Stick With What You Know

How well do you know the couple? If you’re not completely sure what they like, then your best bet is probably the registry. If you’ve been best friends since grade school, maybe it’s time for something a little more personal.

2. Online Card Making

A personalized card is a great way to show your feelings for the couple. If you make your card for the gift online from a lace like PaperStyle, you can include treasured pictures, personalized messages and small inside jokes. This extra touch will make your gift that much more special.


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3.Gift From Experience

If you are already married, have children, or are managing your own household, think of the things you’ve used the most that you never expected. Help fill those needs for the couple before they even know they need them with your gift.

4. Multiple Gifts

If you want to give something personal that’s not on the registry, consider making it a multiple gift. Buy something small off the registry to help fulfill everything they wanted and give the more personal gift in addition to make them feel extra loved.

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5. Give Experiences

Sometimes experiences are a better gift than more things to clutter the house with. Consider giving little things like movie tickets or bigger gifts like concert tickets or dinner cruises to give the young couple some date nights to look forward to during that challenging first year of marriage.

6. Gift Wrapping

While you don’t need the fanciest or most expensive packaging, a little time and effort in the gift wrapping will show that you care. If you use wrapping paper, make sure it is neat, clean, and attractive. If you use a gift bag, make sure to include enough tissue paper to conceal the gift. These little touches show you care and put in thought.

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7. Cash

While it may feel impersonal, cash can be an excellent gift to a couple just starting out. Whether it’s used to meet those household needs they didn’t think of, to fund a fun date night or honeymoon excursion, or to help make ends meet while they figure out their new budget, cash or a pre-loaded card can be a great help.

Whatever gift you give, make sure it reflects the couple’s personalities and the relationship that you share with them. A gift from the heart is what really speaks to a young couple.

This is a guest blogpost from Erika Remington


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