Getting married ‘Down Under’? We’ve got all the facts!

If you have found that special someone you wish to grow old with, then you will become part of some 120,000 people who tie the knot in Australia each year.

Getting married ‘Down Under’?

So that means you wont be alone! That’s 332 weddings taking place each day.

Believe it or not, Australians are known to even throw away their last dime to have an extravagant wedding day that would have the required oomph to linger on in the memories of many for a long time!!But the fairy tale new beginnings for most tend to fall prey to divorce soon after. 🙁

If you’re craving to know more about the dynamics of relationships between couples before and after marriage, look no further than the following motion graphic. Go over these statistics once before taking the great leap of faith on your way to getting hitched.


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