Flowers and their seasons!



Certain Flowers grow better at particular times of the year. It is possible to get flowers out of season with the use of greenhouses but they are likely to be better quality  and less expensive if they are freshly grown. Consider using the flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding taking advantage of the beautiful colours each season brings. You can even accompany your flowers with berries cones and particular greenery to tie them into the time of year. Some flowers are in bloom over several seasons and some all year round. It shouldn’t be of a huge concern to you as there are plenty of options for your wedding day.

So which flowers are best when? Here’s hoping your favourite flower is blooming for when you wedding is booked for!




Amaryllis, Apple Blossom                            

Broom, Bluebell

Camellia, Carnation

Cherry Blossom, Clematis

Crocus, Chrysanthemum

Daffodil, Daisy

Forsythia, Freesiaspring2

Gladioli, Heather

Honeysuckle, Iris

Jasmine, Lilac Lily

Mimosa, Orchid

Polyanthus, Primrose






wedding window Aster, Azalea

Carnation, Cornflower

Chrysanthemum, Delphinium

Daisy, Freesia

Fushcia, Gardenia

Gladioli, Hollyhock

Heather, Iris

Jasmine, Larkspur

summer2Lilac, Lily of the valley

Lupin, Marigold

Orchid, Peony

Rose, Rhodendron

Stock, Sweet Pea

Sweet William, Tiger Lily


Autumn!           autumn 1

Chrysanthemum, Dahlia

Daisy, Freesia

Gladioli, Gypsophlia

Hydrangea, Iris

Lily, Love-lies-bleeding

Mickelmas Daisy, Morning Glory

Orchid, Rose


winter wedding bouquet



Carnation, Chrysanthemum

Forsythia, Freesia

Gentian, Gypsophilia

Holly Berries, Iris

Lily, Orchid

Rose, Snowdrop

Stephanotis, Winter Jasmine





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