Five Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

We’re BIG believers in the idea that your wedding invitations say a whole heck of a lot about your wedding day. From level of fun to intimacy to guest expectations and beyond – your wedding invitations speaks FOR you. That being said, you don’t want to just slap something on a piece of paper. Your wedding day should be designed around you AND it should simply scream about the love shared by you and your partner. So make sure to pick an evident theme or feel for your big day, and artfully and particularly select a wedding invitation that speaks TO you and FOR you. Don’t think you’re in this alone – we’re handholding to get the creative juices flowing (really to do the work for you!)


5 Totally-Great-Don’t-Want-to-Miss Unique Wedding Invitations


Blown Up Love

We ADORE the celebratory nature of this particular wedding invite! Forget birthday party – go all out with a big pop of fun for your big day! Particularly stellar for a NYE wedding, or a balloon-themed extravaganza, this too fun wedding invitation simply requires your guests to blow it up to start the celebration!

Seeing Circles

A little out of the ordinary, why not play with the shape of your invite? Forget squares and rectangles (totally constricting!) – break loose with a stunning circle invite

Now, if that isn’t one-of-a-kind…. We’re not sure what is! Because you’re potentially losing space on an invite [and we know you’ve got a lot of info to convey] with a circular shape, why not create an accordion style circle invite?

It’s really that easy! The only thing to be careful of with the hanging circle invite is the possibility of extra postage cost for weight. The mental image of this hanging on your guests’ refrigerators should totally outweigh that concern… See what I did there?


Who DOESN’T Love Pockets

The answer to that question is NO ONE.

This unique invite will totally win over your Type A guests. Everything has a place! Beyond the practicality though, this invite screams modern, styled, and snazzy. Let’s be real for a second – who hasn’t been frustrated with the RSVP note, directions card, or accommodations tab finding their way to the floor because the magnet can’t hold up all the pieces of paper! (Answer to that one is… EVERYONE) Don’t take up an obnoxious amount of space for your guests – give them an organized, sophisticated invite that lets us stop worrying so much about people’s refrigerator door space!

Organization at Its Absolute Best

Before we preview this next one we wanted to make sure to clarify we have nothing against taking up room on the fridge door, and certainly nothing against gearing your invites toward a Type B person. THAT being said, this next invite is a simple, yet hilarious way to invite your guests to the wedding!

That’s right, folks! A flow-chart wedding invitation. It makes your wedding invite conversational and super personalized! Never thought you’d be using flow-charts again… or maybe you live in flow-chart world (ahem… teachers). Whatever the case may be – these invitations leave you plenty of space to put in your own wedding colors and even your theme [if your theme is indeed NOT flow-charts?].


We’re not quite sure what grasps us about this invitation. Perhaps it’s the simplicity, or the calm, or the feeling of summer nights and fireflies that gets to us. Sometimes wedding invitations can get out of hand and spiral into the biggest element of the day. Truthfully, they quietly or boldly say something about who you are as a couple, and what your wedding day will be. The lightning bugs (and any other portion of nature) quietly tell your guests that your love is simple. true. And, full of light. Sometimes the best way to be big and unique is to return to the basics, and do them well.


Amy Furrow is the owner of Marilyn’s Keepsakes an online wedding decoration and personalized gift boutique. She enjoys helping brides create their dream wedding by offering a one-stop shop for all their wedding day must-haves. From wedding veils and sand ceremony kits to wedding favors and champagne flutes, Marilyn’s Keepsakes has many styles and themes to choose from. Best of all? They offer FREE personalization.




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