What is a Charger Plate

Weddings can be confusing.

The majority of couples have never done this before and there are a whole host of new {and hopefully exciting} things to learn, choose and pay for 🙂 

As a Wedding Planner I’ve probably forgotten more about weddings than most people will ever need {or want} to know, and sometimes us Wedding Professionals can assume couples know more than they do, which can lead to confusing and frustrating conversations between your {potential} wedding suppliers and even between couples themselves; so we’ve come up with a pretty easy and cool {we think} way to help you out… 

The ‘what is a’ feature! 

Today, as the title suggests, we’re going to tell you ‘What is a Charger Plate’. 

A Charger Plate is a large decorative plate that is used to ‘dress up’ dinner plates at weddings. They are placed below the dinner plate and often used in place of place-mats. 



While most charger plates are actual {large} plates you can also be a little creative with your charger plates and use unusual items as well { depending on your theme}:








So if you have any specific questions or want to know ‘what is a’ {insert confusing wedding term here} let us know in the comments or email us at hello@Wedding High.com 

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