Attention Grooms: 7 Engagement Ring Tips

So you’ve decided to pop the question to your beloved. Congratulations! Start planning that great proposal, but keep in mind that the biggest task ahead of you–apart from convincing her dad–will be choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Lots of prospective grooms dread this process. Short of a fortunate few who have been shown a specific ring by their beloved, you have some choosing and deciding to do. And that is daunting to men who can’t even order dinner for the one they love.

In the interest of making this agonizing time of peering through glass displays a little more bearable, here are a Lucky 7 steps to help you choose that ring. The awesome proposal remains up to you.

Match The Ring To Her Style

The most critical step is obviously picking a ring that fits her personality. Women who value tradition and traditional style have fingers made just for vintage inspired engagement rings. Having that in mind as you begin to shop will narrow down the potential selections and save exasperation for both you and the jewelry sales representative. And if she’s into old-fashioned looks, see if her family may have heirloom pieces to provide inspiration. If not, check to see if any of her old family photos might feature a good look at a grandmother or other relative’s ring. She’ll appreciate the sentiment and the effort as much as the ring.

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The Shape Of Things To Come

Not all diamonds are the same. There are square, oval, princess cut, and many other shapes available. While the brilliant sparkle of any of these is beautiful, remember that her ring will get a lot of close examination from celebrating friends and family. So you should select a ring that matches her preferred shape for other gems. Take a few minutes to examine other rings she wears and use that as a guideline for diamond shapes.

Remember Quality Over Quantity

The rich and famous flaunt diamonds that look like crystal doorknobs, and that creates a perception that bigger is better. Don’t count on it. While the hefty bank accounts of celebrities permit them to buy large diamonds, they also accommodate quality diamonds. Speak with a diamond expert who can teach you about clarity and color (in addition to the aforementioned cut) and help you find a stone that will provide just as much splash up close as it does when admired from across the room.

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Be A Metalhead

A critical element of matching both her tastes and her existing jewelry is to select the appropriate metal for the ring itself. Make sure you know whether she prefers white or yellow gold–an inspection of the armoire may be in order!–and then shop based on that.

And bear in mind the carat value of gold. A higher carat value means a higher percentage of gold, but also means a lower level of durability. Alloys that combine some percentage of other metals with gold will last longer and not be subject to as much scratching or bending as purer gold.

Two Months!

Dollar signs always make romantic situations uncomfortable. But thinking ahead on the price of her engagement ring will prevent a lot of discomfort later. If you spend too much–and of course, she’s worth more than you could ever afford–you’re just contributing to the financial struggles most couples face in their early marriage. If you spend too little, well, she’ll probably be able to tell.

The rule of two months’ salary as the cost of a ring is fair. Stick to it and you’ll have neither stress nor guilt about this lifelong expenditure.

Secure It!

Short of proposing before the ink has even dried on your receipt, you will have the ring in your possession for some length of time before she gets to start wearing it. If she loses it later on, you’ll survive. But while the ring is your custody, put it in a safe, a bank deposit box, or somewhere of unquestioned security and fire resistance. Loss and theft are too easy to suffer. Remember, a sharp-eyed thief may observe you at the jewelry store and follow you home with the knowledge of your pricey purchase. Prepare for it.

This was a guest post by Jenny Daniels. Jenny is a freelance writer second, and a busy mom first. When she’s not blogging about her children, she enjoys spending time with them in the sun or at the beach.

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  1. by Your name on July 18, 2014  11:15 am Reply

    Some great advice for choosing a ring especially important are paying attention to her style and also with regard to the durability of the metal. While more gold is nice, it does make the ring 'softer' so a lower karat may last better. Finally, you should try and ascertain her ring size, or make sure the band you choose can be re-sized.

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