12 Unexpected Wedding Food Ideas

Is there anything more exciting or nerving racking then choosing foods to suit the masses? Well that’s going to be one of your big ‘to do’s’ when you’re saying ‘I do’!

Weddings are often judged on two things; the food and the band. Make a wrong meal choice and no matter how wonderful everything else was on the day your wedding could be considered a flop {by your guests.} 

So, do you play it safe {with beef or salmon} or try something a little different and set yourself out from the  crowd? 

Here are 12 different food ideas, some a little unexpected for a wedding, that will definitely get your guests taste buds and mouths wagging!


1. Cronuts

Your guests might be in the lookout for interesting desserts, and cronuts will get you covered. Cronuts are the combination of donuts and croissant and they are filled with layers of delightful sweetness. These are awesome treats for everyone. Serve them in cute pastry boxes and make sure that the concoction will be creamy and buttery.




2. Meatball on Sticks

Another one that’s atypical with wedding food is meatball—served on sticks. If you want to be different, prepare cocktail foods that scream comfort. Aside from common ones such as hotdogs, fruits and grilled meat, meatballs that you put on top of spaghetti is a great wonder. What’s advantageous is that meatballs on sticks do not require utensils.



3. Greek Salad 

Easily devoured, Greek salads can serve as a colorful plate and a healthy way of stimulating the appetite of your guests in the wedding reception. Make sure to consult a catering services provider that is knowledgeable with the ingredients so you won’t be ashamed when you have guests with proficient taste in Greek food.





4. Breakfast Burger 

Serve breakfast food for dinner. Why not? One of the best breakfast food or snack food that’s getting all raves is the burger with ham and egg. With lettuce, tomatoes, and the burger patty, this breakfast burger will definitely win the taste of your friends in the wedding.




5. Popsicle Cocktails

 An unusual but crowd-pleasing treat must be popsicle cocktails. These are mini bites of your most favorite cocktail drinks but frozen into the shape of ice cold popsicles. Make sure that only the adults would get them as you never want to be scolded by parents of kids.





6. Mini Steak with Fish and Chips 

The budget may be limited but this may not be enough reason to spare the steak. Most guests would be excited to know that they can have steak on the menu. But surprise them with a mini version of the pure beef steak and add fish and chips on the side.






7. Homemade Granola 

Most people nowadays are conscious about health. Giving them granola bars would seem too obvious but presenting homemade granola on delicious platters would make their mouths water. Plus, the flavorful grab-as-they-go munchies are sweet and savory.



8. Local Treats

Having your wedding on your hometown will make a good entrance for your local delicacies to be introduced and praised at your wedding. Especially when guests come from faraway places and are not much familiar with your regional food, package the goodies in classic-style container and add labels.




9. Tacos

Who says guests all have to be prim and proper at the wedding reception? It could be fun to allow them and even encourage them to use their hands to eat. Tacos are one of the best comfort foods and it’s great to include in a casual wedding reception’s menu.





10. Macaroni and Cheese Cups

You certainly can’t go wrong with Macaroni and Cheese Cups as good appetizer. Everyone loves mac and cheese and this combination would just be perfect for any event.






11. Buffalo Wings

 Deep-fried buffalo wings are the food sent by heaven to allure everyone’s palate. Put a dash of Worcestershire sauce to the crispy skin without excess fat before serving.




12. Stuffed Pastries 

There are stuffed meat and stuffed vegetables all over many restaurants nowadays. You can concoct your own food by stuffing pastries instead. Wow your friends with the delectable mix-up of avocado, cream cheese, and salsa.




Of course, we’re not suggesting that you replace all your courses with these ideas, but introducing a couple of  these  throughout the day can really set your wedding breakfast apart from the rest.  

Bon Appetite! 


Author’s Bio: Julieane Hernandez is a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate turned Wedding designer. She’s an advanced tri-athlete during weekends. She’s been in the Wedding industry for about 5 years now and She’s learned so much from all the experiences she’s been through. Follow her on Twitter and Google+


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