10 Divine Wine & Food Pairing Ideas for Your Wedding

We’ve said before how your Wedding Breakfast { reception meal} can make or break your wedding; how dry your beef was or how bony your salmon was could have your guests complimenting or complaining about your big day for weeks or months. {yes, we feel the pressure!}

You’ve {you’re} probably putting a lot of careful consideration into the meal choices {now} but have you thought about what will accompany the meal? Have you given any consideration to the all important wine? 

We love a glass or two of vino and I’m always one for checking out the labels to see what meals or foods it best suits; it all helps with the enjoyment after-all! Is this something you’ve thought about for the wedding?

Lucky for you, the lovely people at Roberson Wine have put together this great list of super pairings for some delicious wines with some scrumptious food ideas!! { We think we’l be conducting some taste tests ourselves 😉 }




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