Top Us Wedding Cities and What They have to Offer

There are several cities throughout the United States that offer a unique culture or distinct style, making them popular wedding destinations. The following are the top five wedding cities in the United States and what each of them has to offer.



Charleston, South Carolina is a great place for a wedding because of the variety of venues that are available. A couple can get married on the beach, at a historic plantation, or in an elegant garden. This romantic city, with its cobblestone streets, provides old-style southern charm on every corner.




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For those who are young at heart, a Walt Disney World wedding offers an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Disney offers a variety of packages that can include character appearances at the reception or a ride in Cinderella’s carriage. Brides who want to be treated like a princess for a day may find a wedding in Orlando irresistible.




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Las Vegas

For those looking for a place that provides quick nuptials, Las Vegas is still the place to go. It’s fast and easy, with everything you need to plan a wedding at your fingertips. The summer months in Vegas are usually pretty hot, making spring and autumn the best time for a wedding. After the ceremony, honeymoon options include catching a show, playing the slots, or enjoying one of the many themed hotels. Don’t assume Vegas is only the place to go if you want to find a drive through wedding chapel,  Las Vegas also offers luxurious wedding venues for those who want something more traditional. From Pacific Links International country club venues to Lake Las Vegas, there is something to meet every bride’s demands in this big city.




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New York City

Big city lovers will find a large selection of venues, food choices, and entertainment options in New York. The Central Park Boathouse is a popular spot for weddings as well as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Your after hour spots to dance the night away are virtually unlimited. Upscale, vintage, or trendy are just a few of your hotel choices. If you’re willing to go all out for classic luxury, the Plaza Hotel is the place to hold an unforgettable reception.




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This gorgeous mountainside town is a great place to get married for nature lovers. Couples can tie the knot in a cabin in the mountains or in town. There are packages available that offer ceremonies by a waterfall, a mountain ridge, or an elegant chapel. Fall and winter weddings are just as gorgeous as those in the spring or summer.




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Whether you’re looking for a wedding in the mountains or a big city bash, there are several cities across the country that offers something unique for those getting married.


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