Great Tips for Food and Beverage at your Wedding

The reception is going to be a highly expensive part of any wedding. If you are planning for an exceptional menu with great meal, then you should be ready to bear the expense too. There are many things that you need to know in depth about the beverages and food that you serve on your reception. You should know about the various styles of serving and also should be ready to spend some time in choosing the right caterer for your special occasion. This is really the core part of the reception and make sure that you do it perfectly.


The important decisions that you are going to make for your reception include the choice of venue and the food. Food is going to be the greatest expense that you are going to have on your reception and if you are acting smart you can make this really awesome.


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You should first determine the expense that you are going to have for holding your reception at various locations. You should find a location that can be affordable and also can that can provide the facilities required for your guests to comfortably enjoy the occasion. Most of the places even offer the food and they charge you based on the number of guests you are going to have. The style of the food and the way they serve are the factors that are going to influence the ambiance of reception. You should know whether the venue is going to charge the rental separately or not.

Style of Service

The way to serve the menu is an important aspect of the reception. You should choose the style that you feel is good for your function. Seated service is the most formal way of serving the guests. Buffet style is the one which is more suitable for the guests as they get a chance to choose the food items that they need from a long table.


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The next type is a cocktail reception which offers food to the guests who are standing through the waiters who roam from one end of the room to another. This is the most cost effective servicing style. You should choose the serving style as per the budget you have and also based in the menu and also the guests. The serving type and the whole service should be appealing for the guests to enjoy your reception.

Choose The Right Caterer

You should choose a wedding caterer as soon as possible after deciding the wedding date. The best caterers are always booked fast for before one year or so. You should not make things get delayed and make your wedding spoiled without booking the right caterer on time.


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You can get references of good caterers from online or can also find the advertisements of them on web. You should make sure that the caterer you are choosing has got good years of experience and is also having a liquor license so that your reception can go smooth and well.

Importance of professional wedding photographer

It is necessary for you to determine the way you are going to use the photographs of your wedding. You can either use the photographs in the form of an album or for hanging on the walls. The prints of the photographs can be made used for distributing to various friends and family of yours.


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The wedding photographs can also be put on various items like calendars, mugs, magnets, T shirts, invitations etc. It is necessary for you to determine the way you want the photographs from the photographer. Prints are economical if you are planning for making an album. The negatives of the photographs can be gathered from the photographer for making the copies of it privately and making many numbers of prints.


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