Avoiding wedding stress – planning your daughter’s wedding with ease!

In some countries and in some families, the parents of the bride and groom to be have a huge role in the wedding planning itself. Mother’s of the bride especially have a very active role to play and if the financial support if coming from your parents they have even more of a say. This is a guest blog post from Erika Remington who is from the US where this type of wedding planning occurs often enough and she is giving advice to mother’s of the bride on how to plan the wedding easily and to your daughter’s taste and requirements!


Weddings are exciting and joyous occasions, but they can also be stressful. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you get overwhelmed with all of the details and tasks involved in planning the event. If you follow certain principles, however, your daughter’s wedding doesn’t have to be difficult to plan. Its important to remember that this is HER wedding not yours, so keeping her in the decision making process is important. However, that being said, if you are the financial backing to this event, don’t be afraid to appoint yourself as co-planner.


Wedding planning has changed drastically since you were looking up ideas in bridal magazines and vendors in phonebooks. The most effective way to plan a wedding is by way of Pinterest. Your daughter most likely has several wedding boards that can give you a good start. It is important to consider using this great tool when considering the following categories and tips.


1. Choose Your DJ or Band Carefully

The music at your wedding goes a long way in creating the type of ambiance you want. The bride and groom should discuss what type of music they want and whether a live band or DJ would be more suitable. Either way, you should make sure you find someone who’s talented and reliable. Going through an agency can make this simpler, unless you have a specific band in mind. When you do choose someone, take the time to go over the song list with them in detail so you know what to expect.



2. Choose the Right Photographer

Your wedding photos will be with your daughter for the rest of her life, so you want them to be good. Not all photographers are alike, and you want to choose one with a style that works for her wedding. Make sure you find a photographer with wedding experience. It’s best to interview several photographers and ask to look at their portfolios before making a choice. Also looking up different picture ideas and poses that are attractive to you ( or more importantly your daughter) on pinterest is helpful as most professinoal photographers will cater to your desires.


3. Find a Venue of the Right Size

While you want to choose a venue that’s aesthetically pleasing, you must also consider the practical consideration of size. You want to make sure all of your guests will be able to comfortably fit and mingle in the space. One solution to this is to choose an outdoor venue such as a beach for her wedding. This gives everyone plenty of space and it also provides a pleasant and natural outdoor environment for the event.



4. Plan Your Budget Realistically

A wedding is an event that has a long list of expenses. Make sure you make a thorough list and have a good idea of what everything is going to cost. If you find yourself going over budget, you may have to consider making some changes. If you have a large guest list in mind, one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of the wedding is to invite fewer people. Obviously your goal is to make this the happiest day for your special little girl, however recognizing logical limitations is crucial.


5. Send Out Wedding Invitations Early

Ordering and sending out wedding invitations far in advance ensures that everyone receives them early enough to RSVP. To ensure the invitations are ready to send out, you should order them at least a month before you plan to mail them. They should be sent out at least six weeks prior to the wedding.

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A wedding requires intensive planning. A checklist is a must, and if you’re unclear about any details you should do your research. A wedding coordinator can be helpful if it’s within your budget. On the other hand, you can plan a stress free wedding on your own as long as long as you’re conscientious about attending to every detail and you communicate clearly with you daughter about her desires.


Informational credit to Ormond Beach Wedding Venues at DB’s.

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