8 Great Reasons to get Married in Summer

Vashi Dominguez, jeweller to the stars and Founder of the online luxury diamond and fine jewellery brand Vashi.com, has revealed his top eight reasons to get married this summer.


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* Summer holidays

* Mood

* Time off

* Weather

* Photography

* Tan/bikini body

* Outdoor venues

* Menu

Most have experienced the marriage of excitement and stress when planning a wedding, be it their own or a best friend’s or family member’s. Now the seasons are changing and the sun is peeking out so it’s all about summer over winter events. Personally, I adore summer weddings so here are my top reasons why I advocate getting married in the summertime.


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  Firstly, it’s the summer holidays! Your loved ones are more likely to be expecting a big old celebration and it will fit nicely into everyone’s calendar. Plus, don’t forget you’ll hopefully be jet setting off to somewhere fabulous post-wedding and what honeymoon could be better than in the peak of summer? All that Vitamin D makes people happier in the sun too – there’s no dark or potentially depressing backdrops to worry about.   Practically speaking, it can be easier for your guests to get time off during the summer too. Whether for a long weekend or a full week blow-out forget about work and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to rejoice and party.


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  Even in unpredictable England, our weather is likely to be better during the summer months. Hopefully, there will be no panic-inducing April showers, deep snow (well, you never know) or windstorms. Fun can happen more naturally in the warmth and the wedding will run smoother with no unplanned weather disruptions. Therefore, those wedding snaps are going to be to die for. Bright, natural light is a photographer’s best friend and your album will be filled with hazy summer party and fête themed shots. Plus you’re likely to look better in the photos at this stage in the year too. Even the palest skinned will have a healthy glow and your bikini body should be tip-top. Let’s face it, it’s easier to stay trim in the summer as opposed to winter’s comfort food cravings. I think people look cooler in the summer (excuse the pun) – remember Keira Knightley in sunglasses on her wedding day in the sun-basked south of France…


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  Get more creative with your wedding venue during the summer months, celebrating with open-plan styles, tents and marquees or even the great outdoors. Whether choosing wondrous decorative gardens, stunning wild meadows or even a heavenly beach, your options are definitely greater at this time of year. Now how could I finish without discussing the menu? Mmm strawberries and cream and fresh fruit cocktails… it can only happen in the summer.

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