7 unique ideas to jazz up the food & drink at your wedding!

The importance of good food and drink at your wedding is paramount. You will find that this is one of those things that the guests talk about throughout and after the wedding so a good spread and flowing alcohol is a necessity to keep everyone happy. There is nothing better than introducing unique and novel ideas that haven’t been seen at other weddings that you have been to. Here are some suggestions I have for your drinks reception to have those guests talking!!

His & Hers drinks

At the drinks reception your guests will be well….drinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to put a personal emphasis on the drinks. How about his and hers drinks in either blue or pink completed with a personalised label? You could either have them in bottles or in glasses with straws with mini flags on them. Theme your labelling and straws in with your wedding.

his and hers

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A Signature Cocktail

This is also a great start to the celebration by handing your guests one of the couple’s signature cocktails, create the recipes yourselves with all your favourite flavours, tastes and garnishes. Even better is finishing off the cocktail with that perfect name that symbolizes you both as a couple.

signature cocktails

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Cookies & Coffee

The idea behind the cookie table is that you can present your guests with an endless choice of cookie and accompany them with regular coffees or even liquor coffees. For the little ones, provide hot milk with straws.


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Champagne on Ice

Make it really easy for your guests and the waiter! Once everyone has a glass the idea of a mini trailer or wheelbarrow to hold your champagne bottles on ice makes it easy for your guests to top up. The idea will be greeted with smiles, no doubt! Theme the idea into your wedding and you can change what the champagne is carried around in.


Colourful Meringues

Match up your wedding colours with sweet treats with these colourful meringues! Display them at your drinks reception, on your dessert table or have them handed out from baskets. Definitely unique and definitely not over done.


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Jelly (of all different kinds!)

Taking sweet tables to a whole different level, this is a special idea that I am quite fond of. You should check out Bompas and Parr jelly for your wedding. All I can say is what a way to WOW the guests. A totally original idea, envision jelly displays (usually inedible) with jelly in every colour, shape and size that you can imagine. Jelly in fresh fruit flavours is then available to eat served at the side in a unique manner such as in vintage tea cups. They can even be formed in architectural moulds! And best wedding dessert table ever goes to……..


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Fruit Towers

For the health conscious or for those who just adore fruit!! Create a fruit tower made with every fruit imaginable. You can even combine this with a Fro Yo bar (frozen yoghurt) with an array of toppings on the side to jazz things up a little. Perfect for Summer and outdoor weddings to refresh your guests.

Fruit tower

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Incorporate one or more of these ideas to give your guests and experience to really remember!

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