How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing

When guys go out to buy the perfect engagement ring for their ladies, there must be an understanding of what to look for in rings as well as what she likes. For guys, this means they have to cover the four C’s. Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight are important factors in the construction and design of an engagement ring.The cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of a diamond are all noted on every wedding set that a guy looks at. He will instantly know just by looking at the marketing what the total weight of the ring is, what the colour of the centre stone is and what the cut is just by looking.



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How The Four C’s Vary With Different Diamonds

The colour and clarity of the diamond are very important, but they differ from diamond to diamond. For some diamonds, the clarity is not as important because the diamond is not very large. In other diamonds, the clarity becomes important simply because the diamond is so big. Gentlemen can look right at the diamond and determine if it is clear enough for their taste or not. 


When purchasing a diamond, gentlemen want to stick to diamonds that have at least a C colour. Anything below C tends to be a little too brown for an engagement right. Also, the cut of the diamond must be taken into account. If the gentleman does not know what kind of cut his lady likes, it is time to have those conversations and look at magazines just to get a good idea.



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The Cut Of Each Diamond

The most common choices in cut are round, emerald, princess and heart cuts. A heart diamond is shaped just like a heart and can come in a variety of sizes. The round diamond is also simply a round stone, but the top of the stone can be completely flat or faceted depending on the taste of the buyer. 

Emerald and princess cuts are very similar. An emerald cut diamond is rectangular in shape while a princess cut is more square. However, these cuts can be interchanged depending on what one person sees when they look at the diamond. They are not as obvious as round diamonds, and guys need to be sure which kind they are buying if their lady has asked for a specific cut.

Make The Right Proposal

Choosing an engagement ring for the lady does not have to be a difficult process, but guys must understand cut, colour, clarity and carat weight before making a purchase. Their lady likely has preferences, and gentlemen want to hit those preferences on the nose when they propose.


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