Global Wedding Survey Shows Irish Couples Choose Tradition Over Trendy for Their Big Day

We get many interesting things in our inbox here at Wedding High HQ, some we share with you and others, well others shouldn’t see the light of day { that is perhaps a post/rant for another day}, but recently we got something  you might all find interesting … 

Our good friends over at shared a recent survey they carried out as part of the overall Global Hitched Ltd brand, our Irish couples might find some of the results  interesting… 

According to the survey results the majority of Irish couples tying the knot are opting for a traditional approach, when it comes to their wedding day.Despite the world of weddings becoming bigger, bolder and brighter than ever, it’s the traditional touches that are proving the most important to Irish couples on their big day. Are you the same? 

So how are they saying I do? 

Of all the newlyweds surveyed, a significant 76% of Irish couples opted for a religious service. Despite civil ceremonies being more accessible than ever. With over three quarters choosing to have religious wedding ceremony we’re wondering are couples doing this for themselves or for their families? What do you think? 

Their British counterparts proved far less focused on religion, with just 37% of newlyweds in the UK having a religious wedding ceremony. 

Let them eat cake! 

While wedding cupcakes and single tiered wedding cakes have taken the wedding market by storm, 73% of Irish couples still opted for a traditional tiered wedding cake. A mere 3.5% opted for a single tier wedding cake and just 5% chose cupcakes. Compare this with newlyweds in Australia where just 58% opted for a traditional tiered cake and in South Africa where fewer than half (45%) opted for a traditional tiered style.

What are they doing with their wedding dress after the big day? 

Irish brides also prove to be sentimental when it comes to their wedding dress – with 43% having their gown cleaned and stored away safely after the event. A further 19% plan to hand down their dress to their children and/or grandchildren, while 13% plan to make their dress into a traditional Christening gown for their future children. In contrast, despite tough economic times, only 17% of Irish brides plan to sell their dress. South African brides surveyed with the same question gave very different results with just 27% planning to keep their wedding gown and safely store it away and 7% planning to ruin their wedding dress with a trash the dress shoot.

Cheque please! 

However, one of the few places where Irish newlyweds had not stuck to tradition was when it comes to footing the bill, with 52% footing the entire bill themselves and just 6% taking the traditional route of the bride’s family paying for the whole day. Newlyweds in the UK were more reliant on contributions from family with just 31% footing the entire bill and 56% splitting the bill with their families.

What do you make of all this? 

Having worked in the Irish Wedding industry for 10 years now Irish couples have already been far more traditional than my international clients, but my experience has been that this is largely down to them ‘keeping the peace’ so to speak. Couples often have big and bold ideas and want to do things differently like their international counterparts but once a family and friends get in their ears this can soon change. 

I’d love to know what you opinion on this is, are we just traditional at heart or too afraid to go for what we want? 

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