The Pre Marriage Course – What’s it all about?

Most Churches require that you and your partner attend a pre marriage course before your wedding day. It is obligatory to attend if you are a member of The Catholic Church. You can take the course at anytime ideally at least 4 months before your wedding day as you will require the certificate to give notice. The aim of the course is to provide to you as a couple information on the Church’s beliefs about marriage, children and what to expect from your future together as a married couple. It also encourages you to reveal exactly what you would like from the marriage and for you to get to know each other better than you do.




Skeptical about this course and what outsiders can tell you about yourselves and your relationship?! Understandably so and I have my own doubts until I take part in one myself, but you treat the course almost like a therapy session as the facilitators are trained therapists and have the art of talking through life issues down to a T. You may think – what on earth is a religious course going to teach you about someone you know better than anyone else and your life together? You may be surprised what you might learn and you may achieve nothing from the day itself. It is also a great opportunity to meet other couples getting married soon and see what others are expecting from their married lives together. Go in with an open mind and see what happens!



So what are you to expect to discuss during the course? The course generally lasts a full day and takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. However, you can now do the course online if your schedule doesn’t allow for it and you can also take part in private sessions as well if you would prefer. Topics that will be covered include the Church’s teachings on marriage, parenting strategies, legalities of marriage, money management, fertility awareness, managing family relationships, conflict resolution strategies and the social view of marriage. There will be presentations and group work and you will be delighted to here that you do not have to share any information that you don’t want to! There are discussion times for the couples themselves to talk about topics that will arise during the course. A priest will also come and speak with the group at some point during the day.

 Here are some websites on the pre marriage course and information on how to book your place (try and book as soon as you know when your schedule will allow as some book out quite fast, especially during the preceeding Summer months.




 Avalon: Cost of course per couple 120 Euro. Private courses available in your home (3hrs) for 250-270 Euro.


Together: Cost of course 100 Euro per couple.


Marriage Courses Ireland: Cost of course per couple 140 Euro.

Accord: Cost of course per couple 200 Euro.

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