To hire or not to hire a wedding videographer!

A videographer for your wedding day……….yes or no?!

Absolutely yes in my opinion! With budget restraints some couples do tend to say that if they have a photographer there is no need for a videographer. I beg to differ. So many couples that I have spoken with in the past say that they really regret not having a videographer on their wedding day. Cut the corners elsewhere if money is an issue and consider a videographer for a few reasons I am about to bring to the table.


Photographs capture moments, videos tell a story. There is something so lovely about being able to watch you wedding day back exactly how it was and transport yourself back into that time where you were nervous and excited all in the one. The video will evoke those same feelings and let you relive the atmosphere that was created on your special day. There is something so magical about videos ability to do that. Whether you watch it as a couple, with friends or show it to your future children, nothing tells the story of your wedding day more than a video.
Imagine being able to conjure up your wedding ceremony or wedding speeches at any given moment! Photographs are fabulous and capture beautiful still instances but videos record the laughing, the crying, the sounds, cheering and the words of love that are uttered during your vows.



The benefits of hiring a professional to do this ensure that every aspect of your day is catered for as well as having the skills for sound checking, balance and lighting. The video itself when complete can have special features, soundtracks and title headings. There are many options available.
So when you are researching your photographer don’t neglect to have a look for videographers too. These suppliers also need to be booked plenty of time in advance and really are worth spending that extra penny! And don’t forget you will have that first dance to look back on in all its glory be it perfect or with a few funny mistakes –  you can’t really put a price on that!Check out some special highlights of these wedding videos to inspire you: by Cinematic Wedding Films Ireland by Irish Wedding Films by Silverscreen Weddings

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