The importance of choosing memorable songs for your wedding.

Dum dum di dum…

Nearly every woman is familiar with the Wedding March, and while it may not be your choice to walk down the aisle to, it is definitely recognizable. Your wedding day is one of those day when the music played should send shivers down your spine. Every song should instantly transport you back to your magical day when you hear it on the radio in years to come. And this is so true of your wedding ceremony music.

{ I should point out that for those who are having a religious ceremony, your priest and a seasoned wedding musician will be able to advise you on the appropriate choice of music for the ceremony. After all, it is a religious sacrament and certain songs/ tunes that you may be considering may not be allowed.}

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, so choose wisely when picking songs/ hymns to accompany your ceremony. These songs will definitely touch a cord with you in the future and bring back those wonderful memories. I known mine still do, seven years later.

Next in the level of importance { in my humble opinion } is your first dance. I know some couples agonise over this for weeks, sometimes months and for others the simply use/ choose the song that holds the most importance to them as a couple. My biggest tip is to actually listen to the words of the song you choose. Somethings, something we love, that’s catchy and well known and you consider a love song is actually all about heart ache and break and not exactly most appropriate to walk down the aisle to. 

So what did I choose? 

Well I walked down the aisle to…. 


And my first dance was to…. 



Do they still transport me back to that day? … Instantly… 

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