A Selection of String Quartets for you to consider!

A String Quartet is a beautiful addition to any wedding. Traditionally it is made up of four musicians with four accompanying string instruments. There are variations to the quartet in the form of trios or a piano quintet but the four piece string quartet is the most popular and works fabulously. String quartets offer you and your guests the type of magnificent and stunning music that can only truly be given justice with the use of violins, cellos, double bass or clarinet.
String Quartets are perfect for either the church, drinks reception or during the meal (A lot of couples are opting for this nowadays for smaller weddings). Often the bands offer packages for both ceremony and drinks reception and can change the tempo of the music to suit both.
Here are some of the top string quartets in Ireland and their contact details and some samples for you to listen to.
Appassionata String Quartet
Scarlet String Quartet

Avoca String Quartet

Website: www.stringquartet.ie

Bohemian Strings

Website: www.string-quartet.ie
Samples: http://www.string-quartet.ie/samples.html
Carolan String Quartet

Website: www.carolanstringquartet.com

Viva String Ensemble

Website: www.vivastringensemble.com

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