Venue Value: Best Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

You were asked a question, and the answer was yes: now is the time to plan the wedding! Unless you plan on getting married at a courthouse, you will need to choose a wedding venue. In fact, choosing the wedding venue should be the first step you make, after you have hired an expert wedding planner. Basic wedding venue questions to ask are as follows:
           Can a wedding ceremony and reception be held at the venue?
           Do I have to use in-house catering, or is outside catering permitted?
           What is the pricing structure?
           Is there plenty of parking?
           How many other weddings are scheduled for that day – if a non-exclusive venue?
           What is included?

Wedding Experts

When searching for a wedding venue, an expert wedding planner or service is crucial. Wedding experts know what venues are great for your budget, and if they suit the theme you are going for. A venue may be over the amount you allotted in your wedding budget, but that does not necessarily mean it is off the list. A wedding planner will help you rework your budget to accommodate the venue price, without compromising or changing the entire wedding. Wedding planners will also make sure you get your money’s worth from the venue.

Ocean Weddings

Indoor or outdoor; that is the question. If you want to get married outdoors, there are many venues of value available to you. Ocean weddings are popular choices for couples who are ready to tie the knot. A valuable tip if you are planning a beach wedding is to choose a venue that has indoor space. You will need a plan B if you choose an ocean wedding because you cannot predict the weather; regardless of what weather analysts report – they have been wrong before. Cape Cod Weddings, as one example, has a wide range of wedding venues for you to review, both indoor and outdoor; you will also receive the wedding expert advice you need.

Take Pictures

So many people walk through wedding venues, but they do not take a picture of what they are viewing. Sure you can remember or write down certain details, but this is an important day, so you want to choose the perfect wedding venue. By taking pictures, you can compare all of the venues you have walked through. The pictures also allow you to get a closer look at things you may have missed during the walk-through, such as lighting, space, set-up and décor. Multiple looks are important when choosing a wedding venue, and pictures of the venue give you just that.
Make a list of pros and cons for each wedding venue you choose; this is a valuable tip that you should follow, even if it is not suggested by your wedding planner. Once you choose the location of your wedding, and whether it is indoors or outdoors, begin the walk-through process. Finding a wedding venue with great value does not have to be a difficult task.
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This is a guest blogpost by Anica Oaks, a blogger from San Francisco.
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  1. by Lucas Davis on June 16, 2014  5:20 pm Reply

    Some really great tips. Choosing the venue is one of the most stressful aspects of a wedding and has to be done well in advance. There are so many options from the beach, to hotels, to golf courses and chapels. There is something for everyone. Do you think it is worth coming up with a list of questions before looking for a venue? You can then make sure they are ticked off and the venue is ideal. I really like the tip about taking photos.

    • by admin on June 18, 2014  3:25 pm Reply

      So glad you enjoyed it Lucas, thanks so much for taking the time to comment!
      We sure can put a list of questions together that you should ask a venue before booking!
      Leave it with us and we'll post it shortly!

  2. by Rachel Lannister on January 20, 2017  6:51 pm Reply

    I really like what you said about how when you visit different venues you are considering for your wedding, you should make sure to take plenty of pictures. I'm currently planning my wedding and could use all the tips I can get. I'll be sure to bring a camera along with us as we look around the different venues, so that I can compare and maintain a good idea of what the locations are like. Thanks for the terrific tips.

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