Top bridal worries that you should forget about!

As a bride, it is hard to just sit back, relax and forget all the worries that you have regarding your wedding. It is the biggest event you will ever organise and you are mostly doing it all by yourself. Your wedding day should be enjoyed to the maximum by your family, guests and most of all by the bride and groom as it is their day. So here’s some top bridal worries that I have been looking it and ironing out. Do not stress about the smallest things that really aren’t relevant in the grand scheme of things!
The bridesmaids
Bridesmaids have specific jobs to help the bride on the wedding day, that is essentially what they are there for. When choosing your bridesmaids ensure that you pick the right girls that will carry out their duties without you having to check up on them. Bridesmaids can also create drama (the day is not about them!) so either pick your non dramatic friends or speak with them beforehand so you have a stress free fun day!
Making the mothers happy
Mothers of both bride and groom look at their son or daughters wedding almost as a second wedding for them to organise. Involve them as much as you like but if you don’t want their opinions on something make your decision without them, it is easier this way. Mothers are great but they can interfere to an extent and no one wants any familial conflict before the big day.
The weather
Yes this is easier said than done but literally forget about the weather!! There is nothing you can do. Even summer days can be poor. No one has the power to ensure you have a sunny dry warm day. Create a contingency plan for bad weather so that everything will run smoothly if it does happen to be an awful day! Photographers say that this is one of the things that they wish they could get bride’s not to worry about. They will capture the best moments whether it is under an umbrella or in the basking sunshine!
 The groom and his part
Are you finding that your groom has very little interest in the planning of your big day? This is normal. Most men don’t want to pick flowers or pretty invitations. Leave the car hire and music to him and take care of the rest yourself. If he utters the words ‘do what you like’ , take it as gospel as he is telling the truth, it doesn’t mean that he has no interest in the day or marrying you!
The groomsmen
The stag party is organised and you are in a panic. There is very little you can do except attend the stag party to ensure that it is how you want it to be. Yes it is likely to be crazy, but it is a big occasion let it be marked with no stress or nagging!
The best man speech is another fear. If the man in question has respect for you and your groom he isn’t going to say anything atrocious. If anything he will embarrass the groom but it will be lighthearted and comical. Your guests won’t judge but just laugh along. Give him his right to freedom of speech!
Are your guests having a good time?
If you provide everything for the guests that they could possibly need i.e. great food, flowing drink and quality entertainment it is certain that they will have a great time. People make their own fun with the people in their surroundings in a great setting which is exactly what your wedding is so make sure to enjoy it with them!
The perfect dress and shoes
Have you tried on 50 dresses and nothing yet?! Keep looking as the dress is a very important part of the wedding day! You will find it and you will know when you put it on. Try and show as less people as possible any photographs as their opinions will start affecting your own. Keep it to the bridal party at most.
Try not to worry about your shoes. If your dress is floor length and most are no one is going to see your shoes. They are an added expense for something that may not be seen. Ensure that they are comforatble and the right height first and foremost. If you are wearing a short dress however invest some more time and energy into finding the right shoe.
The guest list
Probably one of the biggest worries of them all as this controls your budget. If you parents want to invite a certain amount of guests you should take control of this. Give them a set number and leave it at that. Don’t feel obliged to invite people you don’t know too well. The last thing you want is a room full of guests half of which you wish you hadn’t invited.
So try and have a stress free run up to the wedding and take into consideration my thoughts above. Easier said than done but there are some things that are best not worried about!!!
Credits: Stressed bride via Wedding Journal Online, Couple under umbrella via Inspiredbythis, Escort cards via Weddings and Events Republic. 
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  1. by Wedding Dj on February 13, 2014  7:44 pm Reply

    Marriage is the most important and biggest event of any person's life. So it's not possible for a man will have worried free. They feel little worried about future.

    • by Keely Beth Gledhill on February 14, 2014  3:16 pm Reply

      Of course the groom's are worried also, we don't doubt that - marriage is a big decision for both parties! This post is just addressing the bride's worries specifically. We will talk about the groom's worries soon enough in a future post!

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