Smart Wedding Dress Shopping: Five Ideas for Getting It Right

For most brides, the wedding gown is the most important part of their wedding as the design will ultimately determine the elegance and style of the event. It’s a piece that almost every woman dreams of for a dress that will allow her to feel beautiful when she walks down the aisle. Although it can be difficult to choose the perfect gown, there are a few steps to take for finding the right fit.

1. Work the Dress Around Your Body Type

 One important factor to keep in mind is that a wedding dress can look entirely different on one bride than another. It’s important to choose a silhouette that complements your figure to determine the best look that will flatter your overall shape. Most brides look for a gown that has a particular silhouette and leave purchasing something that is more flattering.

2. Find a Timeless Piece

It can be easy to choose a trendy dress that was seen at last week’s runway show, but many of these dresses are often out of style in the coming seasons. Choose a timeless look that will still look classy in the wedding photos in years to come without looking overly dated.

3. Pair It With an Appropriate Head Piece

The headpiece can either make or break the look of the wedding dress, making it important to choose something that delicately complements the style. If the dress has plenty of details and ruching, opt for a headpiece that is subtle without looking overly dramatic. Similarly, if the dress is simple, opt for a veil that is dramatic and one of the main focal points of the look.

4. Alter the Dress Twice

Most brides fluctuate on their weight during their engagement, which can affect the fit of their dress if they gain or lose a few pounds in the months leading up to the wedding. Elizabeth Johns and other similar wedding dress designers offer alterations a month before the wedding to ensure that it fits like a glove.

5. Don’t Try on Too Many Dresses

It can be easy to become confused on what dress is truly the one after trying on too many at a time. Some brides can easily try on hundreds of wedding gowns in NYC alone, or wherever they may shop, which can make the process even more confusing. Instead, go with your gut and keep it at a minimum to prevent becoming overwhelmed and straying from your original inspirations.
Although choosing the right wedding dress can be a daunting task, it can easily be a successful one by keeping the process simple and sticking to your personal taste. Go with what fits your personality instead of what may currently be trending to ensure the right dress that will truly enhance your overall beauty.
This is a guest blogpost from Rianne Hunter
Photo Credits: Bride making decision via Dotty Vintage Brides, Girl holding dress via AppleBrides, Dresses on hangers via Wedding Window.
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