Six tips on budgeting for your big day.

All of your life, you have dreamed of a gorgeous wedding, and now, you have the perfect fiancé to go along with your vision. However, no matter where you live, weddings can be pretty expensive. How can you budget for this event?


Six Tips on Budgeting for Your Big Day

Find Your Money Sources

Before you can even plan a budget, you need to know who is contributing to the wedding. In some parts of the country, the bride’s parents are unable to take on the whole financial burden because of economic conditions. Even if your parents are wealthy, you may wish to get started on your own financial responsibilities. Once you know how much money in total you’ll have, you can start to create a budget.

Actually Organize a Budget
Some couples like to just keep approximate amounts in their heads and determine what they are able to afford on the spot. If you use this method, you are almost certain to run into trouble. You definitely need to use a program designed for handling budgets. List all of your expenses on the sheet and mark off how much you are able to spend on that item. Plan ahead. If you decide to spend more on your venue than you originally budgeted for, you’ll need to cut out of other areas in order to avoid running out of money.
Count Everything
When you are creating the budget, don’t forget the little things. You’ll have big picture items such as the church fee, reception hall, one of the beautiful wedding dresses by Lazaro, favors and limo. However, you cannot forget about the smaller touches. They include, but are not limited to, tips for the altar servers, petals for the flower girls’ baskets, a groom’s cake, the rehearsal dinner fee and jewelry for the wedding day.
Negotiate with Vendors
Upon meeting with vendors for your wedding, they already know that you are probably going to try to negotiate the price. Therefore, you should not be shy about doing so. Just ask if they are able to do any better on the cost. If you aren’t set on a date yet, see if they can give you a discount for using their services during their slow season. Be honest with what you are willing to spend, and the vendors might be able to work with you.
Set a Future Wedding Day
If you are trying to stick to a budget, you might want to consider not getting married right away. Some brides have visions of a gigantic wedding with all of the trimmings, and they want to walk down the aisle in six months. The longer you are willing to wait, the more money you will be able to save.
Be Willing to Compromise
When you set out to start planning your wedding, you might say that you want to have every last detail available. Remember, this is going to cost you a lot of money. Even more importantly, keep in mind that the focus of the day is on the marriage vows that the two of you will exchange, not on how big or lavish of a party you throw.
A wedding can be planned on any budget, from a simple $1000 backyard wedding to a $30,000 destination wedding. Most couples are going to spend a decent amount of money on their weddings and to make sure you don’t overspend or run out of funds, you need to keep these budgeting techniques in mind.
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Six tips on budgeting for your big day

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