Location Matters: How to Choose a Venue That Perfectly Fits Your Wedding Theme

If you are one of the millions of brides currently planning their dream nuptials, you are most likely overwhelmed with all the tasks. From choosing the photographer and wedding dress to the catering and bridesmaids, most brides will easily be stressed. You want everything to be perfect, and if you’ve chosen a theme for your wedding, your likely concerned with making sure every last detail fits with the theme. Perhaps you’ve centred your theme around a specific colour scheme, modelled it after your favourite movie, or just picked a theme that reflects the interests of you and your fiancé.
When it comes to finding the perfect venue for your wedding, it can get tough to find a location for a reasonable price, that’s not too far away, and that goes along with your theme. Here are a few ideas for types of locations you can look into depending on what type of theme you’ve picked for the wedding.


If you’ve landed on a rustic theme, choosing an outdoor venue will really help you complete the vision you have for your wedding. Many brides will opt for a wooded area for their wedding ceremony and reception. It may seem like an outdoor wedding will require a lot of work when it comes to decorating, but remember that trees, grass, and fields provide a picturesque backdrop that requires no work—it’s already there! Depending on where you live, an old, historical barn could be the perfect venue for your outdoor wedding. You can string twinkle lights from the rafters, and likely fit all of your guests in if you want to do the ceremony in the barn. Wedding experts who run reception venues near Atlanta suggest brides can use hay bales covered in quilts for seating, and mason jars with daisies for centrepieces. A rustic-themed wedding is simple, so once you find the perfect spot in the mountains, on a ranch, or near a field, you won’t have to do much work to get the country vibe flowing.

Circus or Fair Theme

Another popular theme recently is the whimsical theme of a circus or county fair. These weddings use fun colors and patterns, and allow brides to serve creative foods like popcorn, cotton candy, or soft pretzels. If you choose this theme, you want to think big for your venue. Find a place that has plenty of space—whether it’s inside or outside. Make sure there is enough room to set up a photo booth, a popcorn machine, and perhaps even having a face-painting station or booths for games if you truly want to turn the reception into a real fair. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a park in your city that has an old carousel or Ferris wheel, which will truly complete the circus feeling. Brides who choose this theme have used big, bright balloons and large, striped umbrellas for décor. Remember, if you’re planning a circus wedding, you’ll need to “think big” for everything!


Many brides who live near a dock or beach opt for a nautical theme for their wedding. If you want to get married during the cooler months, you can choose a country club or venue that sits seaside or lakeside so that your guests will have the chance to look out on the water. Having your ceremony on the beach will allow you to have a more casual wedding if that is what you are going for. If you really want to complete the nautical theme, you might consider renting out a ferry boat or yacht for the night. If you have a small group, you could even launch the boat and take to the sea for your after-marriage celebration. If you plan to have a large group, staying docked is the safest idea so that people can come and go as they please. Brides using a nautical theme often focus on using navy or red colors in their décor, and even use seashell collections or jars of sand for centerpieces. Let your guests take part in the theme by providing a photo booth or photo backdrop where they can dress as sailors or pirates and take pictures. Like the outdoor wedding, having a body of water and the sunset as your backdrop for your wedding will take out a lot of the work for you—it provides you with natural décor.

Fairy Tale

Every bride wants her wedding to feel like a fairytale, however you can truly create the feel of “happily ever after” at your wedding by fully embracing the fairytale theme. You’ve already found your prince, you’ve bought a big, flowing princess dress, and now you just need the perfect place to celebrate your happily ever after. Many brides who choose the fairytale theme have held their wedding in a green park, or spacious field so that they can set up large tents under which guests will eat, dance, and celebrate. If you can find a venue that has a gazebo, you can cover the structure with lights and flowers and use it in the ceremony—what could be more romantic than that? You might consider having your wedding at a country club that has a pond with swans or ducklings. This backdrop coupled with some twinkle lights and hanging lanterns will make the atmosphere picturesque and it will truly look like something you read in a bedtime story. If you’re getting married during a month that is too cold for an outdoor wedding, you can still achieve the fairytale theme by finding a beautiful family church for the ceremony, and taking your reception to a hotel ballroom. You’ll truly be completing the fairytale theme when you and your new husband take to the dance floor, like a real king and queen at the ball.
You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl, so it’s no mystery why you want your wedding to be absolutely perfect. If you have a vision in your head of the type of wedding you’d like to have, you can still achieve your “dream wedding” while staying within your budget and sticking to the theme you have in mind. Choosing outdoor venues often costs less money, especially if you have the reception on the property of a close friend or family member. Once you settle on the theme of your wedding, think about what type of venue that fits best with the theme, and that also fits your personality. This is your wedding—you don’t have to get married in a fancy church. You can get married on the beach in your bare feet. If you choose a theme and venue that fits the personalities of you and your future spouse, you’ll easily be able to pull together the vision you have for your dream wedding.
This is a guest blogpost from Dixie Somers.
Photo Credits: Barn via fabmood.com, Circus via Green Wedding Shoes, Nautical via Yourweddingsupport.blogspot, Fairytale via Memorablewedding.blogspot.
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