All you need to know when choosing the perfect engagement ring!

Unless you’ve been living under a  rock { your entire life } you’ll know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… second only to Christmas & New Years proposals, it is the single biggest day of the year for men and woman alike to pop the question. 

Today, tomorrow and for the past number of weeks { possibly months } soon to be Fiance{e}s have been choosing rings… 

But what do wo{men} really want in an engagement ring? 

Thanks to fabulous people at, we’re all a little wiser.The  industry-leading diamond engagement and wedding ring online brand, founded by TV’s diamond expert, Vashi Dominguez recently carried out a survey on 1035 women to say what they really wanted in an engagement ring… and the results… well they may just surprise you… 

Those of you who know me well { and read this blog often and have read my book } know that I’m on my third engagement ring { yes to the same man }… It appears I’m not alone with being slightly disappointed with the initial proposal ring and doing something about it… 

21.6% of women surveyed said they would be upset if their husband-to-be presented them with a ring they didn’t like, while a whopping 58.4% said they would ask to exchange the ring. The survey concluded that ladies in Northern Ireland would be the most perturbed if they didn’t like the ring with 35% admitting that the wrong ring would upset them.

So what do you do, so as to avoid disappointment after you pop the big question? 

Well interestingly, women are prepared and want to help you out… while 30% of respondents would leave the ring choice up to their partners, over 60% would either show their partners a specific style or drop some kind of hint as to which kind of ring they wanted. So guys, if they are dropping hints take heed… it could save your bacon and your bucks in the long run! 

Women who are currently engaged are the most particular about their style of ring, with 31% saying that they showed their partner a specific design. It was reported that ladies in Northern Ireland wanted the most control over the style of ring purchased with just 7% leaving the choice entirely up to their partner.

It seems like our Northern Ireland cousins know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it… GO LADIES! 

So what about the cost? 

We’ve all heard the ‘saying’ that a ring should cost a month { now two months } salary { a big chunk a change no matter what you do for living }. Do these soon to be engaged wo{men} expect the proposer to pick of the {possibly} hefty price tag? Not exactly… While 45.8% of women felt that their partners should pay for the ring in its entirety, an impressive majority of 49.1% of women would consider contributing to the cost of their ring if it meant that they got what they wanted. { I think there might be a few people out there breathing a sign of relief 😉 } 

And does size matter? 

If you ask this gal then yes… { this is how I  got to engagement ring number 2, the first well it was just a little on the small side… } and apparently I’m not alone. The survey also revealed that 28% of women would be upset if their ring was too small, while 25% would be upset and disappointed if their partner proposed without a ring. 

So what  does the expert say about all this? 

Vashi Dominguez, founder, chairman and CEO at stated: 

“The results show that getting the ring right is an important part of proposing, but that men may not be entirely without help. Listening to your partner’s hints and suggestions, being open to accepting a financial contribution, or asking her friends and family for advice may spare you the difficulty of replacing the ring at a later date.”

“The results of the survey perfectly illustrate an age-old problem: how are men expected to propose with the right ring, or even a ring the right size, without ruining the surprise? One trick is to trace the inside of an existing ring to give you a good indication of her size. If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery, ask a trusted friend or family member to find out her ring size in a way that isn’t obvious, for example asking her to accompany them on a jewellery shopping trip and encouraging her to try out rings for fun.” 

So what do we suggest? 

Find out what your soon to be  fiance{e} likes in terms of style, size and finish. You might have to be sneaky but it is one of the biggest questions and answers of a persons life so its best to get it right. And of course you can always consult the experts at for great ideas, options and advice! 

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