Social & Personal Weddings; does it live up to the hype?

Billed as Ireland’s Most Stylish Wedding Magazine.At €4.90 its probably Ireland’s Most Affordable Wedding Magazine… the Most Stylish… I’m not so sure, lets see.Social & Personal Weddings Winter 2013/2014’s cover is dark and uninteresting… {yes I realise I am still judging a magazine by its a cover!} … Points lost for style here.

If its ok to dislike a magazine based on their font choices, I do. Not a reasonable reason I realise, but hey, I’m not being paid for this, so who needs to be reasonable 😉  Points lost for style here too.

Article Content is mostly focused on beauty… important to brides and grooms I realise… but its just one small part of weddings… even if you are just focused on style… As you’ve probably guessed points lost here too…

Style Content, there is plenty. Is it stylish… kind of… again, the overlapping doesn’t work and  distracts from the Stylish nature of some of the pieces they are trying to feature. The old adage, ‘less is more’, just keeps springing to mind with this mag. Points are lost yet again.

This particular issue is billed as The Reception Issue… other than pages and pages of venues {read ads for venues} there is very little in the way of actual content/ ideas/advice/ hows to on wedding receptions at all. In fact there are none. The only real tanigle advice / content that is not beauty related {in practically the entire magazine} is The Ultimate Wedding Planner {list} 3 pages long and a 1 page Wedding Checklist.

It’s possibly only redeeming grace are its seasonal inspiration boards. That said I am sure you and me both would  love to see way more of them, being there are only four!

The Grooms section is like all the others, not sufficient AND there are no real weddings… boo hoo!

So is Social & Personal Weddings Ireland’s Most Stylish Wedding Magazine? No… not in the slightest in my opinion… in fact, its only a few pages and layouts better than Irish Wedding Diary and you may all remember who I felt about that magazine!

Sorry Social & Personal Weddings!

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