Irish Wedding Diary – should you buy it?

Continuing on our review of some wedding magazines available in Ireland we’re looking at Irish Wedding Diary { Winter 2013 }You can imagine over the years I’ve read ALOT of wedding magazines and for me this has always been the most dated in look, graphics and sometimes content approach.I do however feel they really let themselves down with the Winter 2013 edition. The cover, well in all honesty it looks like they either forgot about it and or thought porno bride was a good look for the festive months {it wasn’t!}.

Regardless, it is perhaps the worst magazine cover I’ve ever seen… but as they say don’t judge a book {magazine} by its cover! { Or should you?}

Does the inside get any better?

Yes and no. {Mostly no.} As I’ve said, I always found this more dated in looks, fonts, appeal and graphics than other magazines on the market and sometimes this does put me off and if you’re like me, it could mean you are missing out on some good content.

Like the other magazines we’ve looked at, this magazine is peppered with IWD Wedding News; supposed snippets of interesting wedding related topics and news, that are for the most part just editorial ads. Nice if you’re trying to see whats new or different or just out there. I do like the ‘Trivia’ bubbles dotted amongst the ‘news’ items; not something you see/ read in other magazines.

IWD Fashion features are ok. Nothing wonderfully amazing, especially considering Irish Wedding Diary’s editor is Lisa Cannon; style icon and TV Presenter of Fashion Show Xpose.

Grooming the Groom are pages devoted to the groom. This area is in need of much room for improvement as really its just 3 pages of clothes, prices and store locations; nothing really tangible or groom specific there… Bearing in mind that grooms can make up to 50% or even 100% of weddings I think they should do better to cater and interest the men in our lives!

This edition of the magazine promises to be a bumper edition, specifically for wedding dresses. And it does feature some lovely dresses… but well… gosh I think I might sound a  like a broken record but the shoots just seem sooooooooooo dated.

This is a well established magazine, hundreds of wedding suppliers & venues at their disposal and they’re still producing the same looks, poses and scenes since {what feels like} day one. If you’re like me, you want a magazine to inspire and excite you… you want what’s featured on the pages to be your wedding… not  to think hmmm that’s ok I suppose…

Articles… well yes there are some. Enough? No.

Real weddings. Don’t we all love a look and read? Yes! Do they share some special  days with us? Of course. Are they great? Yes! Could we see more? Always! {and maybe to make the pictures bigger… pretty please 😉 }

In short: Irish Wedding Diary is a wedding magazine, averagely priced, ok content. Would I recommend you to buy? Unfortunately not { at least not until some improvements are made. } … sorry IWD.


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  1. by Wedding High on January 10, 2014  10:03 am Reply

    Oh goodness! really? I think its awful!

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