Ireland’s Wedding Journal – A great read or an excellent read?!

Ireland’s Wedding Journal – one of the top wedding magazines that has been on the shelves for a while now proved fantastic and insightful when I was scouring through the pages today, picking out glorious dresses and reading interesting articles. I have to say without a doubt this magazine front to back offered everything that I think a bride would adore and need for inspiration for her preparations.
Covering the usual topics – honeymoons, gift lists, wedding diets and wedding stationary it also offers amazing articles on current topics concerning weddings answering questions you have thought of and those you haven’t. The magazine is  an exudes fabulousness within its pages yet remains realistic, down to earth and appeals to the ‘general wedding population’. They even have a section called ‘jargon for grooms’ so your groom can get to know particular terms like ‘nosegay bouquet’, could make for a funny evening! WJ news that scatters itself throughout the magazine keeps the modern bride up to date on current trends, great deals and trinkets that you can add to your wedding attire or to your wedding day.
Despite the huge amount of ads in the magazine, that seems prominent across the board of most magazines, the majority of the ads are inspiring, all the dresses were stunningly beautiful as were cakes, bouquets or winter wedding fashion. Wedding Journal not only caters for a bride but wedding outfits for guests and bridesmaids are concentrated on fully as well displaying some fabulous frocks!
Everyone knows about the ‘Wedding Journal Show Live’ that takes place in both Dublin and Belfast. There was a special feature on this telling the story of the shows and about the couples that won their dream £25,000 weddings. Along with these couples stories there were another five real life weddings featured all with gorgeous images and romantic stories. Always a lovely read when you are engaged as you can relate totally to the couple as that will be you in the near future.
Some great articles about how to have ‘a typical Irish wedding’, some great photo spreads of beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements and my favourite piece was on couples who see each other before the wedding all dressed in their attire and photographers capture that unique moment that no one else experiences. All these features make this magazine top quality and finish off the splendour that exists within its articles, images, insights and even in the way the advertisements are displayed. Its massive feature on venues in Ireland was fantastic and a great time to promote these venues in what is typically ‘engagement season’.
Overall I have very little to criticize about the magazine. I love its features, its content, its layout and its relation to the every day bride and groom. I preferred it over BASH without a shadow of a doubt but they are different genres of magazine and it depends on what you are looking for. BASH is like the Vogue for wedding magazines (something to be chuffed about) and Ireland’s Wedding Journal the Cosmopolitan. All depends on what you prefer…this one was definitely for me!
All images are from Ireland’s Wedding Journal Magazine.
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