How to plan an unforgettable Honeymoon!

The vows have been said, the rings have been exchanged, and the guests have said farewell.  You planned an amazing wedding that left you a bit stressed, but also content knowing that it was all completely worth it.  You’re madly in love with your new partner and you can’t wait to get started living life as a married couple. 
 But first it’s time for your hard-earned reward.  The honeymoon! The only draw back?  You have to plan it too!  Unfortunately it’s not as simple as jumping on the  next plane and heading off to a tropical island.  You want your honeymoon to be perfect, just like your wedding, so it’s going to take come time and effort.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our ultimate honeymoon planning timeline will keep you on track to pull off a glitch-free honeymoon. 
6 – 9 Months or More Ahead
Once you’ve set your wedding date and picked a venue, the next logical step is to start considering your honeymoon options.  Determine how much time you and your fiancé can take off work.  Can you swing a full 7-10 day honeymoon, or will you need to settle for a long weekend trip?  This is also the ideal time to discuss your budget and general wish list.  Find a honeymoon travel specialist, who will help narrow down your destination options and suggest resorts and activities based on your preferences.
___ Pick your dates of travel
___ Set your budget
___  Make a honeymoon wish list
___ Contact a honeymoon travel specialist
___ Choose your destination
___ Book a honeymoon package: airfare, resort/cruise, rental car, and transfers
___ Buy travel insurance
___ Setup your honeymoon registry
3 – 6 Months Ahead
Now’s the time to add all the details that will make your trip special.  Think about excursions and tours that you’re interested in.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to go zip lining, or take a catamaran tour down the coast.  It’s also important to ensure you’re up to date on any recommended vaccinations before visiting your destination, and you’ve obtained your passports or visa, if necessary.
____ Obtain your passport and/or visa (if necessary)
____ Book excursions, shows, and special dining arrangements
____ Visit the doctor for vaccinations
____ Start scuba or language lessons if interested
____ Purchase any specialized items or luggage needed
1-3 Months Ahead
You’re about to get really busy with the final touches to your wedding planning in the next couple of months. So it’s important that you’ve got everything in place for your honeymoon way ahead of time.  During this time frame you’ll take care of final honeymoon deposits and your travel documents will arrive from your travel agent.  Be sure you verify names and dates, and all details match what you’re expecting.
___ Finish booking any tours and reservations for activities
___ Buy a camera or practice using your current one
___ Make appointments for pre-honeymoon beauty treatments
___ Arrange care for your house and/or pets while away
___ Verify names and details on your passports and travel documents
___ Start a packing and shopping list
1-2 Weeks Ahead
It’s almost here! Can you feel the excitement? Your travel agent will be checking in with you to go over final preparations and travel arrangements.  She will likely provide you with detailed information about your destination including suggestions on exchanging money, plug adaptors, drinking water, and other items to keep you safe on your trip.
___ Plan your honeymoon attire and finish your packing list
___ If you’re not staying at an all-inclusive, check your bank accounts and credit       cards for funds
___ Start packing (use that packing list!)
___ Confirm all reservations with your travel agent
___ Make several copies of your important paper work and give to family members
___ Prepare your home for being away (light timers, stop mail/newspaper, etc)
A Couple Days Ahead
You’ve made it! The wedding is days away and you’re ready to jet off into the sunset to a dreamy tropical island. Take care of the last few details and you’ll be home free with an ideally planned honeymoon.
___ Prepare a carry-on for the trip with magazines, books, etc.
___ Check the weather forecast
___ Leave a copy of your itinerary and house keys with family
___ Arrange for rides to and from the airport
___ Secure all travel documents in your carry-on
___ Check-in online
___ Enjoy an amazing honeymoon!
Guest Author Bio:
Summer Tannhauser is a honeymoon and destination wedding travel specialist with Adventures Planned Honeymoons ( She designs uniquely one-of-a-kind trips for the modern newlywed. She’s all about luxurious adventures, unforgettable memories, and pure and simple fun! 
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