Do we love Confetti Magazine?

Round Four: Confetti Magazine.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

What was the question? …. do we love it? Yes!

If you’re looking for one Wedding Magazine to buy/ subscribe to in Ireland this is it. Its gorgeous, stylish, desirable, affordable, beautiful, well thought and laid out and full of inspiration and ideas.

In short: it’s the one!

First up the cover makes you want to but it… on pure looks alone, before you even read the coverlines; they make you want to buy it more.

Once inside you can’t wait to turn the pages because everything is so beautiful… the way a wedding magazine should be. The writers, contributors and pages talk to you, not at you. They share ideas. They inspire you. The magazine is clean, no cluttered images. You can see everything. They give advice and tips.

Their wedding shoots… stunning…

The gown gallery… well its an explosion of dresses… but… nearly too much of an explosive. Overlapping dresses never do it for me. I like to see the full thing. I would love to see the gown gallery simpler and cleaner. { That said, they do have pages and pages of other dresses that can be seen most clearly! }

Real Weddings… utter wow. These guys know how to do it! Enuf said!

Grooms… another magazine still lacking.

Bridal Advice… bucket loads. Practical, interesting and plenty of  it!! In short again, its the one to buy! It has everything you want from a magazine for only €5.80!

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