Choosing a Wedding Theme – Things to consider and ways to highlight.

As you begin your wedding planning, you may be bombarded with images suggesting themes for weddings. Things like vintage, rustic, art nouveau, country, hipster, are all popular ways to categorize themes for weddings. It can be tough to choose the right theme for your nuptials. There are a few things to consider as you and your sweetie start to dive into the details.

The big three factors that can affect your theme choices
Venue – The venue has a huge impact on a wedding’s theme. If you get married in a place that is a dark, gothic space light pastels and whimsical accents would be out of place. Similarly, if you choose a charming garden as your venue edgy décor wouldn’t be a good fit. Therefore, you must consider tailoring your theme to your venue or finding a venue that fits your theme.
Cultural Traditions– Weddings are a particularly special time to honor cultural traditions. Such traditions can affect the style of ceremony, décor, food and color palette. It’s important for you and your partner to decide which traditions you’d like to include.Season – The season your wedding day falls in is also a determining factor for your theme. Certain flowers and even foods may be out of season and it will also affect venue choices if your area is subject to seasonal weather extremes.
Other weighing factors

Personal Style– Your wedding theme should be a reflection of you as a couple. It’s important to bring your own personal style to aspects of your wedding. If you are laid back couple who enjoys the outdoors you don’t want to choose a venue that is formal and rigid. If you are a couple who enjoys the finer things in life, your theme should highlight that. 

Budget – This may belong in the top category for some but budget doesn’t have to play a huge role in a choosing a wedding theme. Just make sure your plans to don’t get bigger than your budget. Choose the things you won’t compromise on and choose the ones you will compromise. If you are on a budget, you will have to compromise at some point so it is better to be prepared instead of surprised by something you may need to rethink.

Local Resources– Choosing local resources is kind of a trend right now – which is great. This can impact food and flower choices as well as venue options. Make sure what you want is available before you get your heart set on it.
Ways to highlight your theme

Invitation/stationary – Sending out your wedding invitations is the first little peek guests can get at your wedding. Incorporating the theme of the wedding just creates a beautiful cohesiveness. Many invitation services offer coordinating wedding invitation sets where you can customize your wedding invitations, programs, menus, thank you cards and more all in the same design theme.

Décor/Flowers – Flowers probably provide the easiest way to highlight your theme. Whether your theme is vintage or modern; flowers are a beautiful way to enhance the décor and set the tone. Other décor things to consider: lighting and linens.

Color of bridal party ensembles – Choose colors that will support your theme. Accents of color in bouquets and boutonnieres can all contribute to a cohesive look.

Food – This is a fun way to enhance any unique cultural aspects of a wedding. Serve up traditional favorites and be sure to create a menu that fits well with the venue. A formal sit down dinner isn’t going to work well in an informal venue.

Drink – Signature cocktails are a fun and inexpensive way to go. That way you aren’t hosting a full bar! Even if you just name it something fun, you can use this as an opportunity to tie in your theme. Whether you serve it in mason jars or champagne flutes, just make sure it falls in line with the style you’ve established.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when choosing a style and theme but you don’t have to be! Choose something that feels right to both of you. Remember that this is your day to celebrate your love. Take input from family and friends in stride. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding so just be who you are.

Nancy Arnold is aSeattle area blogger and party planner. She’s planned just about every type of event and loved every minute of it.

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