Wedding Flowers – What type of bouquet is right for you – Part 1!

Flowers are a big part of the wedding day, they look and smell beautiful, they decorate your church and venue and they incorporate colour themes and moods. They are also a significant part of bridal party attire. Once you have bought your dress you will be able to decide what kind of flowers suit your height and shape, which flowers are in season depending on when your wedding is taking place and what shape or style of bouquet do you prefer. Over the next few blog posts I will be discussing wedding flowers and making sure you are clued in enough so that when you meet with your florist you will be on top of your game!

Today, I’m going to talk about bouquet shape. No…there isn’t just one standard one. As a bride you have quite a wide choice of bouquet styles to pick from. It is important to know and understand the factors that will affect which shape suits you and your wedding the most. Firstly let us look at the different bouquet shapes available:

Round bouquet – This is all in the name, it is a round bouquet of flowers and is probably the most popular among Brides.

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Presentation/Pageant Bouquet: This bouquet is also known as an arm-sheaf or pageant bouquet and is typically cradled in the bride’s arms. This suits more modern weddings and can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like.

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Cascade bouquet: This is also known as a teardrop/trail bouquet and is the most traditional and formal of bouqets and any wedding flower can be used in it. The bouquet is round at the top and pointy at the bottom.

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The Posy Bouquet: The posy is round and small and is commonly used for bridesmaids. Posy’s can be either hand tied and unstructured or more formal and the flowers wired into shape. The stems can be wrapped in ribbon either an inch or all the way down the stem.

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The Nosegay bouquet: This bouquet is traditionally made up of flowers and herbs and tends to contain quite a bit of greenery. They are small bouquets with tightly packed flowers and are generally hand tied.

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The Biedermeier bouquet: This bouquet originates from Europe and is composed of tightly packed and carefully arranged flowers in circular patterns. Each different circle is a different type and colour of flower.

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Composite bouquet: This is probably the most costly of all bouquets as it is made up of lots of different petals wired together to look like one flower. It is elegant and beautiful yet simple.
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The Crescent bouquet: This bouquet is in the shape of a quarter moon. It is comprised of different types of flowers that stand out that are wired together and meet at a handle. It is often said that this is the type of bouquet that can a bride can really show off her personality incorporating colours and unusual flowers if desired.
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The Kissing Ball – These round balls made up of flowers are great for your bridesmaid or flowergirls. They are a distinguished type of bouquet that sets them apart from the rest.
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The hand-tied bouquet: This is a loose hand tied arrangement that resembles the look of flowers that have just been picked from a garden. They suit casual laid back weddings that aren’t too formal.
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The Ballerina Bouquet – This bouquet is made up of lots and lots of tulle or netting and less flowers than other bouquets. It is more cost effective for bride’s who might be on a budget. It also offers that ‘ballerina’ and ‘innocence’ look.
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After looking at and reading about the beautiful bouquet options available to you it will make your decision that bit easier…….or possibly harder as there are now more options types to choose from!! 🙂

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  1. by Jibon Roy on December 29, 2013  7:53 pm Reply

    Thank you for this nice posting. Loved it as you describe things very precisely.

  2. by Keely Beth Gledhill on January 3, 2014  1:03 pm Reply

    Glad you enjoyed it Ribon! Flowers are an important part of the day so we like our readers to really know what they are looking for!

  3. by rashell smith on January 10, 2014  10:06 am Reply

    Flowers are used in various occasions and when it comes to wedding celebration, then special type of bouquets are to be purchased as every guest wants to see the bride and the bouquet she will be holding in her hand. One of the necessary things is that the bouquet of the bride should match with the wedding dress and for this reason whenever you are going to purchase a bouquet of flowers. Today people prefer to buy bouquets from online stores as it provides the facility to see different styles and designs you can choose from. Many of the florists also provide customized bouquets according to the event and your choice or style. I will be purchasing a crescent bouquet for the wedding as I will be the bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my friend’s. When it comes to purchasing bouquets I always prefer buying them from online florists as many times there are special offers available. Whether you need to buy flowers for your wedding or wants to send flowers to others purchasing them online is one of the smart decisions that you can make. There are different flowers bouquets and for further information regarding this you can have a look here at

    • by Wedding High on January 10, 2014  10:55 am Reply

      Rashell, nice point, although you can't beat actual face to face meetings with a florist to discuss the style and flower choices and to see and hold flowers and bouquets in your hand. While florists may not have all their options available to see on their websites they do have extensive portfolios for you to choose from and look at in store.

  4. by Chris Woakes on January 13, 2014  6:18 am Reply

    Lovely bouquets for wedding purpose. These are the best creations of the floral designers with all their creativity and dedications that would best suit the celebration.I really loved all your collections can we get these bridal bouquets online ?? I really want it for my sister's marriage.

    • by Wedding High on January 14, 2014  5:38 pm Reply

      Hi Chris, if your sister is interested in some of the styles we've featured you are best printing our her favourites {pictures} and taking them to the florist to discuss. All good florist will be able to reproduce the styles and even the flowers featured. Best of luck and glad you liked them!

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