Keeping it cosy at your Winter Wedding!

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Winter weddings can be beautiful and magical. Your guests will have that ‘festive feeling’ especially if it is before Christmas and will feel enchanted by the setting that you provide. Mystical décor sets a fabulous winter wedding tone, which can only be achieved at this time of the year. At your wedding you want to make sure that guests are enjoying their experience to the full whether it is ambiance, music, food or those little things that make all the difference. So I thought I would bring together a collection of ideas that are guaranteed to make your wedding cosy, comfortable and unforgettable!
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Ambiance & Décor

If you are going for a cosy and romantic feel, the correct lighting is essential. Use as many candles as your venue will allow, there is nothing nicer on a winter’s day. Aim for having a venue with big open fireplaces where people can gather around and warm themselves whilst chatting and enjoying the wedding! Don’t forget the outdoor areas too, light them up as well for that true wintery feel!
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Wedding food is something that is spoken about at lengths once the wedding is over. It is important with Winter weddings to provide the right food combination. Avoid sorbets, ice cream and salads (unless they are warm), that is the last thing a guest will want on a snowy day. Opt for a menu of scrumptious filling dishes such as soups/roasts/pies or stews topped off with apple pies, bread and butter puddings or sticky toffee pudding desserts.
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A chocolate table

This is a recent new fad at weddings – A chocolate table!  A hot chocolate table at that! Make it a centrepiece as you would a sweetie table. Give guests a yummy treat to keep them warm and they can pick the accompaniments of their choice with marshmallows, caramel, fudge…..the list is endless!! Be creative because your guests will appreciate it! Even add a chocolate fountain but instead of fruit give your guests pieces of pastries to dip into the chocolate!

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Hot drinks

Aside from the ‘chocolate table’ there are plenty of other hot drinks that you can provide your guests with. Think outside the box with warm fruity teas, frothy flavoured coffees, hot whiskeys and perhaps a signature hot cocktail such as hot apple cider margarita! Here’s another thought if it is Christmas time, provide your guests with eggnog shooters!
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The little extras

Some of your wedding guests will be smokers and will be venturing into the cold quite often. Why not provide gloves for them (these can be bought so cheap in Penneys) or some hand warmers for when they come back in. To be extra thoughtful have some blankets for the guests to put around their shoulders. Have different blankets for those who are using them inside and those who are using them outside. You can even pop some lip balm into the bathroom along with your bathroom baskets for those who may have chapped lips from the cold!
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Milk & Cookies

Many couples are providing this for their guests at the end of the night as a good night treat. It can be even more effective at a winter wedding where you a handed steaming hot milk and a pile of cookies. I can’t think of anything better!!
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So if you are thinking of having a Winter Wedding imagine all the amazing and fantastic options you have for decorations or food and make it one of those once in a lifetime weddings!
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