Five Radical Honeymoon Activities for the Adventurous Couple

Are you planning a honeymoon now or in the near future? Congrats! Typically, couples choose a honeymoon destination that will be relaxing and low key. But you and your fiance might be a little more adventurous than the average couple—maybe you like to hike together, play sports, or just enjoy being outside. Plenty of couples like to take advantage of the fun activities that honeymoon destinations offer. After all, you’re on vacation! Here are a few activities to consider if you and your future spouse are ready for a thrill.
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Whitewater Rafting

Whether the two of you are experienced in whitewater rafting or amateurs on the river, a whitewater rafting adventure is a great way to begin your married life together. Experience the excitement of riding the rapids as you enjoy the great outdoors. These adventures can be enjoyed over several days or on a short day trip, and tours are available for honeymooners of all fitness levels. Even some pretty experienced adventurers have never tried this activity, so if you haven’t done it yet, there’s no better time than with your new spouse by your side.

Bungee Jumping

Few sensations excite thrill seekers as much as a freefall. What better way could there be to celebrate taking the leap into marriage than by bungee jumping with your spouse? Originally invented in New Zealand using a special type of shock cord, bungee jumping opportunities can be found today in many natural settings as well as in big cities where forms of the sport are conducted on skyscrapers. Just make sure that you choose an experienced company to assist you in this activity. Obviously this shouldn’t be attempted on your own, but you also shouldn’t just choose the first company that has a “bungee jump here” sign in front of it. Do a little research so you can find the company that is the most reliable and has the best reputation. You want professionals who can perform their job with perfection, especially when your life (as well as your spouse’s life) is in their hands.
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If visiting a tropical paradise and relaxing on the beach during your honeymoon seems a bit too tame, shake things up a bit by riding the waves. Most tropical and touristy destinations will have plenty of places that offer surfing lessons. Or, there will surely be a place near the beach to rent boards if you want. Depending on the time of year as well as the location, there could be some smaller waves that are great for beginners. No matter your skill level this will definitely be a fun time for you and your spouse, and provide something else to do besides sun-tanning on the beach.
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Newlyweds are infamous for enjoying one another in close quarters. Why not enjoy one another up close while exploring a cave together during your honeymoon? Adventures like this are full of opportunities for teamwork and discovery. If you are somewhere tropical, there could be some amazing caves just waiting for your discovery. Do a little research on common spelunking areas, places that will be safe and fit your skill level. Once again, like the other activities, if you aren’t too familiar with this activity, it is worth it to enlist a guide that knows the area and has the proper equipment. The last thing you want is to try something like this on your own and end up lost or in a sticky situation. Use your best judgment and refer to an expert if you are unsure.


If hot sun and sand don’t excite you as much as new-fallen snow, consider skiing on your honeymoon. Ski resorts provide plenty of fun on the slopes for active couples, and you can enjoy other winter sports such as tubing, ice skating or riding the luge as well. If you are planning a winter wedding, you might enjoy hiding away in a cabin in the mountains for your honeymoon. This would allow you to ski, either at a resort, or cross country, and maybe even snowmobile or enjoy other snow-related activities. And at the end of a day where you’ve spent a few hours in the cold, nothing will be better than settling into a romantic hot tub to help you relax.

 Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to get away together and celebrate your new life as a married couple. Each newlywed couple has a different story of what brought them together. If an active lifestyle and sense of adventure are shared passions for you and your true love, make sure your honeymoon reflects these interests by planning some fun activities that you can enjoy together.

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